Painfull knees and ankes, can hardly walk, can you take painkillers?

Hi Guys, My mum who has WG has just been prescibed Cellcept as the Aza didnt agree with her, the last week she has been in agony with her knee and ankle joints and can hardly walk (does anyone else suffer with this?) Are you able to take painkillers or can her GP prescribe stronger ones to help? I dont want her to be suffering if there is something she can take? Thank you

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  • You can't take anti inflammatory painkillers, like Aspirin or Ibuprofen. But paracetamol or co-codamol is usually ok. Co-codamol is generally what my GP prescribes for me for severe pain: not that strong really, but the strongest thing they can give me with the other drugs. Co-codamol is available over the counter from the chemist, as well as on prescription. It is paracetamol plus added codeine. I have been on immunosupressants since 1998, including Cellcept since 2005 or thereabouts.

  • Thank you for coming back to me, i am trying to persuade her to try co-codamol as she is now in tears everynight and is unable to walk!. Is this really what she is going to have to put up with? Just hope the consultant will be able to help too?

  • can i ask why u cant not take anti inflammatory or Aspirin or Ibuprofen.? just wondering x

  • Because the immunosuppressants already have that effect. And taking anti inflammatories like aspirin would make the effect too much on the body.

  • Oh thk you

  • Hi Lilyloo, I have WG and on mycophenalate/steroids and more, but I also suffer from swollen joints hands/knees/ankles and feet which flare up quite frequently and I have been prescribed Ibuprofen for this which works for me and if the pain is severe I take tramadol too. The mycophenalate helps to lower the person's immune-system from attacking them whereas ibuprofen helps relieve inflammatory responses within the body. Hope that helps and I'm sure your mum's doctor will prescribe appropiate pain relief for her.

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