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Vitamin D, Vitamin B and folic acid...…. Is this common to have deficiencies in these?


I have only been diagnosed with vitamin deficiencies from my blood tests. Every other test has been negative so far, ALL of them. But I noticed that a lot of others have said they have these deficiencies, I was just wandering if it is common with vasculitis? Does anyone know the answer to this?

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It does seem to be common in some patients

Low vit D is very very common in almost all autoimmune disorders although it isn't clear if it is cause or effect. A study done in Finland suggested that low vit D predisposes to the development of Type 1 diabetes which, unlike Type 2, is an autoimmune disorder that destroys the cells that produce insulin. Low vit B and folate can be due to pernicious anaemia - an autoimune disorder that prevents you absorbing B vitamins.

They may not be due directly to vasculitis or be the cause - but they are associated with autoimmune disorders and once you have one, it is more likely you may have a second. I don't think that autoimmune disorders are that different - I think you get the label that fits with the one your symptoms fit with best but most things are mixed up together - if that makes sense!

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