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Getting a wheelchair


I am in hospital at the moment and I have been enquiring about getting a wheelchair. When the airways become narrow it can be difficult to get around so I asked at the hospital. My doctor isn't really sure how you go about getting one and he said it might be something I have to buy myself. He said he would look into it but I was just wondering if anyone on here uses one and how they got theirs. Thanks :-)

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Try contacting your local council social services ,I was assessed after a visit from my community nurse attatched to my doctors surgery.

I got several helpful aids,was offered a wheelchair but did not feel as though I needed one just now.

It could be worth a try.


Also the red cross loan wheelchairs out free of see how you get on with an ordinary wheelchair... you can loan them for up to about 3 months.... if you are receiving benefits I think you can have contribution towards an electric wheelchair.... if you are looking at electric wheelchairs for the future you can hire them out before buying...

take care



I had to get my own I contacted my local council Occ Therapy dept and although they did provide other equipment I was told that unless i had a prescription for a wheelchair that they were unable to help.

I bought a manual one first as I was very ill at the time and my Hubby needed some way of getting me to appointments easily. I still have it but I can not propel it on my own so was still unable to get ant form of independence, now I have a powerchair which I can use on my own and with the addition of a hoist in the car I can get out a little although still have to be careful as it leaves me washed out and back to square one if I try to do to much. I don't use the chair around the house and garden and still walk into GP's and some Hosp appointments, it is used as an additional help so I try not to rely on it to much otherwise my muscles would give out entirely. There is a fine line between doing too much and not doing enough.

Good luck



Thanks Tracy, Susan and Denise :-)

Some useful ideas there, thank you. It is not something that I need all of the time, just when my breathing is bad and I am feeling exhausted. It's not too bad when I don't do a lot in the week but if I have a few things planned or a weekend away I find I am exhausted by the time I get there from all the travelling. I don't know about anyone else but I find times like Christmas really exhausting too, I love it but I get so exhausted by Christmas day as my body doesnt like me doing too much. Other times I don't go out as my breathing is worse so it would be nice to have the option if I had a wheelchair. I am happy to just have a manual one as I want to try and be mobile as much as I can. I've just had an operation last week at Addenbrookes as my airway narrowed below the voice box and also almost completely in the left bronchus. This happens a lot and it is a continuous cycle of going to hospital for dilatations so when they have been opened I can walk around more easily. It is when they narrow and if I have a chest infection that the breathing becomes much more difficult. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the support and advice xxxxx


I have a wheelchair. It's quite light-weight. It's OK for when there is someone there to push it, but there is no way I could propel myself round. I'd be more exhausted than trying to walk.

I also have a little Go-Go scooter. That breaks down and fits into the boot of the car. Although the pieces are relatively light I can't manhandle it in and out and fix it up myself - so something to think about. Also it says they will do six or seven miles. No-way, not with a little scooter. Perhaps if it was completely flat terrain.

As Susan & John say if you have higher rate mobility you can use some of your money to buy a scooter. I bought mine myself. You would be looking at probably anything from £200 for a wheelchair to about £800+ for a small scooter - depending on where you bought it from. I think motorised chairs cost a lot more, but I'm not sure on that one.



I've had my own wheelchair since 1998 or so. I have cerebral vasculitis in a very MS-like form so have considerable difficulties walking and always use at least one stick. I bought my own chair, wanting to get one quickly and without going through any more hoops or delays than need be. I bought a low-cost one from Boots disability catalogue and still find it very useful.

I don't use it often, but there are times when it's very handy. For example I'm newly back from a trip to the Edinburgh Book Festival. They have 2 free wheelchairs for hire, but that's a very small number, and because my event was early in the festival I wouldn't even have been able to try to reserve one until 2 days before I needed it. So I took mine instead, and arranged suitable hotel accommodation, and managed my time at the book festival very well. I also took it for the first time on a plane journey recently, on a week long trip to an academic conference at Trinity College in Dublin. Again having my own wheelchair was a real boon, with hubby accompanying to push me.

I also use supermarket wheelchairs a lot, for example if I'm going shopping, but find that I'm struggling too much weakness / legs wise. Then my husband will fetch one for me to the car.


I use the supermarket or shopping centre scooters.. I've bought one to fit in the car but I can't lift it - might get ramps. the social worker said I might be able to get an electric wheelchair.

I'm thinking of getting a WAV maybe a peugeut partner anyone any advice?



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