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Mattress Topper Update

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70 year old male with Wegener's

As previously written.... I have discarded my memory foam mattress topper after reading about such a lot of 'problems' with it/them. My wife was suffering from a dry mouth and partially blocked sinuses every morning, and my brother and his wife were having similar problems with a similar topper. It has been three weeks since I took it off. The 'problems' did not affect me as my dry mouth is medication based and I had it for a few years before fitting a mattress topper, and I found sleeping on the soft topper brilliant for my joints.

My wife's dry mouth and sinus problems went away overnight. I initially suffered badly sleeping directly on the mattress. It is a firm one. My hip joints played up something terrible. After three weeks I have begun to get used to it. If I do wake up during the night, I take some painkillers and eventually go back to sleep.

My brother and his wife had similar problems in sleeping on a hard mattress after some time on a soft topper, but their mouth/sinus ailments went away over two nights. However they slept so badly with sore joints that they decided to refit said topper after one week. However the aired it over four days outside in brilliant sunshine on top of their rotary dryer and draped over furniture in the conservatory during the night. He said that there was definitely no smell whatsoever from it when he refitted it. They have not had any more problems since then.

So, after all that, the outcome is inconclusive. If you want to use one or are using one, then I would suggest you air it extensively. The instructions say for 24 hours; I would at least double that and do it preferably outside on a sunny day.

There are numerous web pages on the subject are it would be worthwhile reading some (with a pinch of salt) before you make your mind up. I have included two below.

Thank you for all your comments on the subject.

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I must agree with you about airing the topper. I did this and the chemical smell went away. So pleased as it's very comfortable.


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