How long can a vasculitis skin rash take to go away?

My mom is suffering from something, doctors don't know what it is yet. Still doing lots of tests. Doctors think it is vasculitis. She has a skin rash started out red bumps all over skin except on elbows and certain parts. Then bad back pain, and lung dry cough. Doctors put her on prednison for 5 days. She did not get better, when she got off the predisone the rash turned dark black purple, and she is really sick. I am just wondering if anyone with vasculitis may have experienced similar problems. I am so worried. Any help would be so appreciated.Thank you

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  • I hope your mum gets diagnosed quickly Pepsi, please make sure they keep a close eye on kidney function as vasculitus can damage kidneys quickly.

  • Thank so much. We did the urine test hopefully results will be in tomorrow :)

  • She needs to be referred to the hospital to see a consultant as a Matter of urgency. If it is Vasculitis what form is it? Is the ESR in her blood results raised? Most GP's have NO IDEA how to treat Vasculitis properly. Also many hospitals have never treated it. U need to research a hospital that has treated Vasculitis that is near to u. I attend Addenbrookes which is 2 hours away from me. Some people travel long distances to be treated at a clinic who have experience in treating various forms of Vasculitis. The rash will stay until she receives the proper treatment to get the disease under control. The Vasculitis UK site and this one will be helpful to find a treatment centre put up a message giving area where u live asking for advice as to best hospital/consultant then get your GP to refer u there. My hospital in Bedford had not tress red anyone with Vasculitis and when I researched I found Addenbrookes and the hospital referred me there. Good luck and I hope your mum gets better soon.

  • Thanks u for the advice, that is such a good idea to post my where we live for anyone that might be close. I am actually from Canada, but maybe some people will be close.

  • Hi I am fom Alberta canada and went to see Dr Stephanie Keeling at Kayes Clinic in Edmonon.Took ten blood tests when I was diagnosed.Vasculitis came after the extraxtion of three teeth.Now have frequent tooth ache like firecrackers going off in the mouth -- need to see a neurologist next!

  • as she been to the hospital and have any blood tests been done also urine test I had rash went to see my gp she sent me 4 blood test and done a urine test then she referfed me to a specialist so if any of these have not been done ask your gp asp

  • Thanks for your advice luckily we have those done just the waiting game now. And I will look into specialists :)

  • I get purple patches particularly on my arms which reoccur when I have another infection.When I was first diagnosed I was prescribed prednisolone and my rash went away although it has however left permanent marks, darker patches on my arms, less noticeable and brown rather than purple and they are smaller in diameter.

    I hope your mum gets a diagnosis soon and improves quickly.

    All the best,


  • Thank you reassuring to know someone else experienced the same symptoms

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