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what form did you get from the dr to get free prescriptions? I have a prepayment cert at the moment

but like the other person with wg I am on meds for life and have just to had blood test for possible thyroid problems and ecg noticed that consultant had put on form about unusual beats when resting. awaitng cat scan lung function tests again. First time seen this consultant impressed listened and did not make me feel rushed

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If you take Levothyroxine (under active thyroid) you can get a form to fill out for free prescriptions. You can get it from the pharmacist. However, if you have overactive thyroid you pay. I don't know why those are the rules. If you get free prescription for an underactive thyroid then all your meds are free.



Hi Patricia, the reason don't get free prescriptions for over active is there are procedures that can be done to bring tsh levels down . I had an over active one for nearly two years. Then had radio active iodine to bring levels down . The unfortunate thing was I ended up with an under active thyroid and there's nothing that can be done about that . So have to be on thyroxine for the rest of my life . Hope this helps . If you'd like to know more please feel free to ask


Diabetics also get free prescriptions, these were the first 2 conditions to get free prescriptions. It was soon realised that it would cost the NHS a fortune to keep giving free prescriptions for all life changing/ life threatening conditions so no more was added to the list.


Our GP gave us the form to request free prescriptions. Just filled it out, filled in the 'other' box, doctor signed and hey presto, free prescriptions. Good luck


I filled in a form which GP signed, although I have never received the medical exemp card. As long as I get my prescriptions from my the chemist in my doctors surgery I'm fine as the staff all know me and my condition. Suspect I would have problems getting it anywhere else without the card though. Have spoken to the chemist about the card, but he just says not to worry!


Dear Kath,

I have had an except certificate, for fifteen years, I think that I was just, more or less, given the first one. They do need renewing periodically- again no problem. I haven't had to renew it recently but, I think, I just asked my doctor (possibly consultant) to fill out the medical details and that was basically that! Alternatively pick up an 'HC1' form from the surgery, or dentist, and apply for an 'HC2' certificate- this entitles to quite a lot free for a year. Do try the except certificate first though- easier by far. Actually I think that I do have both currently; not necessary but better than having neither!

Please do let me, us all, know how you get on will you?

Very best wishes



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