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Is it common to get ulcers at the top of your nostrils? Normally I get sores just at the opening of either nostril?


I woke up this morning with an extreme burning sensation inside my nostril, of course I couldn’t get a doctors appointment for today and as I’m so worn out of all these different symptoms I took myself to my local walk in clinic.

He took one look and said I had quite a big ulcer. He seemed concerned that this is not a common site for ulcers. I did ask if he could take swabs but he didn’t have the means to do so. Another missed attempt at trying to get a diagnosis 😫

Is this common symptom for others?

At the same time I have a red blotchy rash on both palms and am unable to control my bladder with typical fatigue.

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Yes i get them in my nose also. They can be very sore and make my whole nose feel like a bruise. I dont those as often as the mouth ones. Only about once a month before the Doctors started me on meds. Sometimes they were on the outside of the nose also. If you can get pictures of them try. They can be difficult to get a good angle. I am sorry you are getting them there also. Painful.

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I never get sores in my mouth, just the nose. I do have photos of the ones on my nostrils that are visible. This one is so far up and feels like my nose will explode.

Can I ask what if any diagnosis you have?

I’m still pulling teeth trying to get an answer 😰x

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I was officially diagnosed a couple of years ago as having Behcets disease. It took a couple of years for them to test me for everything else first. The last things to remove from the possabilities were Bullous diseases such as Phemphigus diseases or Pemphigoid diseases. Final done was Biopsies taken of some of the sores. Determination was Behcets Disease. Not because the Biopsies say Behcets. Because they dont show anything else as possable causing all this. And i believe the doctor said aomething about inflammation markers in the tests. I Hope this information helps you.

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I Forgot to mention. I See an immunodermatologist. Not just a dermatologist. Immuno refers to diseases caused by the immune system. A regular dermatologist will not be qualified to diagnose it. A immunodermatologist is exactly what they do. Diagnose rare diseases. They are vastly different. And hard to find in rural areas. I dont know where you live. You may have to travel to get to one. I see Dr. John Zone here in Utah in the Salt Lake Valley. He heads the department at the U of U. A renounded level 1 trauma emergency and teaching Hospital out west here. I hope this information also help

Hi I get sores in my nostrils they are painful, as well as annoying mouth sores and skin rashes and itching, also face blotches and sore either side of my nose? dry scalp dandruff constant is it a symptom of vasculitis? we will probably never know. GP gives me cream and the consultants say increase steroids? but it keeps coming back I have suggested a dermatologist but then told its the vasculitis Is It?????????????

You should see the dermatologist who can give you their opininon. The derm was the one who diagnosed me with the vasculitis.

What method was used to get your diagnosis? I saw a dermatologist 2 weeks ago, he didn’t seem to interested in all my problems, including my nose sores because my bloods are normal 😔

If your dermatologist did not seem concerned with your issues you need to find another one. I had red rashes on one of my legs and bruising and these areas that would swell up and hurt to the touch. The dermatologist I so I took one look and said she thought it was vasculitis based on the fact that I have lupus and did a biopsy. The biopsy required stitches and took a few weeks to heal and my results took about 10 days to come in. It did in fact confirm vasculitis. Basically my veins and arteries are getting inflamed which causes the painful swelling and then when the swelling goes away it leaves big bruises that don’t go away.

I did ask for a biopsy, that was ignored. Instead I have to wait for a referral for uva testing. I’m open to new investigations but just feel like it’s tsking too long. I have so many photos too which he didn’t seem interested in.

My symptoms are definitely heightened during my menstral cycle. Is this something you have ever noticed ??


Where are you seen if you don’t mind me asking? It might be a good thing to contact the VUK helpline and they maybe able to help with some advice..

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