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Bloating and water retention from prednisone, I need some help with How to get rid of the symptoms

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I have severe bloating and water retention from 80mg a day of prednisone . And I just need to know how to get some relief? I’ve never had it affect me quite this bad. And I’m peeing tons every hour. Still miserable. I literally look and feel 9 months pregnant . And can barely move. My tummy just keeps growing. And is so hard. Like it’s literally full of air n water. Tonight I have been peeing 3 minutes an hour all night. Still so uncomfortable. I take the prednisone for my lungs. As I get sick a lot.

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I drank quite a bit of coconut water, the high potassium content helps with water retention. Magnesium rich foods also help. Bananas are another win. I also really cut down on salt which is key to stopping water retention.

I did switch from tablets to injections which helped alot. I'm back on tablets now but I just chew up the tablet in my mouth - obviously not feasible with 80mg. But I found the tablets were upsetting my stomach and bloating it out as they fizzed up inside.

Finally, I went for some abdominal massages which helped move things round quite a bit.

Thank you so much I’ll try anything lol. They also just changed my meds again. So I’m hoping it helps.

Hi love wins!

When I was on that dosage it was difficult because I also weighed and felt heavy too , but I soon learnt the trick was to sweat it out. Either excercise to maybe sauna/steam. But it didn’t matter how many times I went to the toilet I’d still feel big bloated and heavy. It was only when I googled something I realised sweating was the trick.

Hope it helps. Whatver works for you but you just need to release it from your system.

Talk to your vasculitis nurse. Try to reduce your prednisolone with the help of your Dr. Maybe you have steroid induced diabetes seek help.

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They just started a taper and changed my antibiotics to levequin so maybe this will finally do the trick. Thanks so much

Nb are you being seen at a specialist vasculitis clinic? It makes an enormous difference.

Hello Love Wins.

I have no suggestions but just wanted to let you know I'm sending good healing vibes your way, along with sunshiney thoughts and gentle hugs.

Best wishes for a bit of relief.

Your vasci peep,


I recommend you measure how much urine output you have in 24 hours. If it is more than 3 litres ( mine was 6 litres) see your GP . You could have diabetes insipidus.- Or steroid induced Diabetes Melitious.

You have an auto immune disease, very similar to mine. I was bed/ couch bound for a year , no energy weak as a kitten , but weighing 15 stone, on high dose prednisone . I used the Functional elimination diet to cut out inflammatory foods. Then carefully reintroduce them to find out what had caused the problem, it is different for different people, ( on the second day of the diet my pain went ) . I used a private Functional doctor who first sorted out my hormone problem , with a battery of tests supplements and T3. Then she sorted my Rheumatoid Arthritis and a my very virulent vasculitis disease with this diet. The senior of my 5 NHS consultants agrees that this diet worked, where my chemo and autoimmune therapy had failed. The book the autoimmune solution by Dr Amy Myers I found to be a great help..

I was prescribed

*Get regular 8 hours sleep, two hours before midnight

*Drink lots of filtered water.

*Cut out chemicals in your personal care and environment.

*Supplement, magnesium , vit c, vit B 12, vit D,...

*Add magnesium crystals to your bath.

*Take saunas when possible to detox .

Follow Functional exclusion diet for 2 weeks .


* All types of dairy ( cows, goats, sheep’s , milk, yogurt, cheese )

All grains,( wheat , corn, oats, rye barley etc)

All sugars.

All sweeteners chemicals and additives


Lectins- beans peas lentils

Nightshades - potatoes, aubergines, peppers

All high glycemic fruit

This will leave you with meat (grass fed where possible ), fish, vegetables and berries .

Try to eat organic food.

It was tough, but a year on I’m used to it . I’m now 10 stone and able to swim and play with my grandchildren again.

Best of luck.

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Paprika60 in reply to loisbrucie

I read your post with great interest. I too tried Functional Diet doctor in my local area in London and got on what seemed like a Paleo diet for 6 months some years ago. I also read The Immune System Recovery Plan by Dr. Susan. Blum. I think everybody reacts differently and great to hear that you have improved your health so much. However, I didn't notice much difference except learning to watch my diet much more carefully. In the long run I found my diet becoming somewhat repetitive and boringly limited. Also I felt my adviser was keen on getting me to order supplements (mostly American imports) which amounted to over £300 every time (I learned that she got commission from each purchase). I discontinued seeing her and although I watch my diet and eat organic produce fresh from farmers except when I dine out, I feel cutting out beans and oats made no difference in my condition. I try to balance my diet and use my common sense.

I guess your functional doctor is excellent and that makes a big difference and also you are lucky to have a great will power.

Horrible side effect of pred.get a blood sugar test because pred can make you diabetic and peeing is a sign when I get it.the diabetes goes when u get off pred so dont be alarmed but go to docs and get them to test it.also metformin which you take for diabetes reduces the fat around our tummies. I did a drug trial for this and that was the outcome .I learnt that pred which is a hormone distributed sugar and fat in a diff way than our Normal bodies which is around 7 on the diabetes gauge.good luck

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