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any on claiming esa have you had a medical what was the outcome

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I work at the moment but am not very well and work for dwp so no the pressure for getting people back to work and am wondering wether to consider earl reirment and wether the hassle from the benefits would be worth it

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Hi Kath. Sorry you aren't feeling good.

Well , from what I read it certainly involves some hassle, and if you work for them you will probably know that. Some members here have been lucky and quite a lot haven't. It is probably due to the fact that those undertaking the assessments know B all about vasculitis. Before you do anything contact Susan Mills, she has access to a great deal of stuff you need to know before you even put pen to paper. You could also contact the local Citizens Advice people to see if they can give you any help or pointers.

I think one of the important things to do is collect your own evidence and present this to them yourself. Don't leave it to them to get information from your consultant/GP etc. Again, from what I hear, It isn't always done and sometimes even when it is done it isn't presented to those who need to see it. Also keep copies of everything you send.


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If you send me an email at I can send you some information that will help you. Vasculitis UK are a memeber of Benefits and Work, We can share information about ESA or DLA assessments and appeals. You can join yourself for just under £20 a year. It an extremely good website packed with vey helpful information.

Kind regards Susan

Hi Kath

For me, I found the esa medical very unfair. I had my shower as usual and got dressed before going for the medical. At the time my WG was not under control and I had 90% stenosis and was extremely ill, I felt unable to attend a medical but had to go. I answered all the

questions honestly, even the silly ones like, what do you watch on T.V?? The Dr. was not very pleasant, the interview took 2hrs and she only speeded it up after she took a call about her childcare!

Three weeks later, I got a letter saying I was no longer entitled to ESA and to apply for jobseekers. I could not understand it. In the report, the medical Dr made, she said, my hair was washed and highlighted, I had makeup on and I had made good eye contact with her. Bascically I didnt score enough points. I appealled it and won, which cost them alot of money to staff the Drs on the panel for the appeal. It doesnt make sense.

In my opinion since I have become ill, the benefit system has treated me as a fraud, everything has had to go to an appeal. I live on my own and I am stressed out worrying how to pay the bills.

My advice to anyone going to an esa medical, go unwashed and dirty, definetely helps your case!

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Dear Kate, I am dreading my own assessment which will probably come soon. I totally understand that when you really have to get out of the house (comfort zone) you get washed etc. Every day is difficult because I truly want to address my illness and clean my house up, get rid of the cobwebs and try and live the rest of my life. However I live alone with my sweet dog and have never felt so depressed than I do now. I am going completely deaf in right ear I think it is being caused by my concoctions of drugs and it is the one factor in my life that causes me the most grief. I think I need to ask John and Susan's advice about that deafness...driving me mad. You have to remember that these people who conduct these assessments are neither trained or have any empathy with you...they are paid to make you fail thus allowing this disorganised Government from 'facing up to the facts' There is no hope for us because 'we are too busy looking after people who have no RIGHTS TO OUR BENEFITS...and we will continue to be punished for being ILL and not out of work for spurious reasons.S&J

I filled in the forms for the medical assesment and so did my Dr when they contacted him, and he told them to leave me alone i had enough to deal with without having to go and see them. I heard back a month later and they had put me on support group. Never had to see them, feel so luck.

Hi there

I've just been looking for posts relating to Incapacity Benefit and ESA.

My claim for IB was recently sucessfully renewed by ATOS and when they phoned to tell me then said that it was changing over to ESA although the amount of benefit would remain the same. A few days ago i received a P45 parts 1,2 &3 from DWP and today a letter inviting me to my local job centre for an interview on 3rd August (which will take about an hour). They have no prior knowledge of me, or of my medical condition, how ill i am and they have no medical knowledge or medical training! They are interested in finding me work either paid or unpaid. I'm gobsmacked to say the least! After a massive flare in january that almost killed me, i'm finding it hard to get my health back on track as my WG is still not in remission and i'm having fornightly checkups at the hospital.

Any comments or advice welcomed!


Hi I would guess that although you have been awarded esa it is the work focused group. There are two groups one the support group for people who are terminally ill. or unlikely ever to be able to do any work at all. and the work focused group which means they may try to put you in work placement or re training. Check this out you can appeal if you think you have been placed in the wrong group, but need to appeal fairly quickly Take a letter or report from your Dr with you and discuss your illness at the interview stressing on current treament and how you are because of the illness. Good Luck

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