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You may want to take a look at this - Vasculitis discussed briefly on the This Morning Show

You might want to see this, it was on itv today , this morning, 30 mins into the programme. Vasculitis is talked about. The patient on the phone is probably seen at one of the better hospitals for treating Vasculitis. But the conversation is very interesting.

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Nice to hear this on air, might help with awareness. I looked at 30mins but actually found it at 15mins, so take a 2nd look, it's after they're discussing the MMR vaccine.

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yes it did come in sooner than I first thought... John thinks they were struggling a little with some of the answers and very obviously had done some homework, because he recognised some of the phrases they used from the VUK website. :-)


Thank you. I habe gone to 30 minutes and found a thing on launderettes lol


It's a shame you have to create an account to watc this


its just routine to watch any programme on ITV iplayer sadly, you do not have to register for the BBC iplayer... I just sign in as and use a simple password I can remember easily.


Those darned passwords ! I got my cashPoint card eaten as I could not remember the passwords to my security questions lol. It really can be a pain 


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