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what have I to do to get gp to listen

at times when I get bloods taken the nurse has a problem getting any and sometimes it Is ruined as it congeals before the test also get migraines with visual disturbances and no headache, dizziness and balance difficulties, blotchy skin.

I have been told I have poor circulation in my legs and that's all, I have planter fasciitis had it for years, I think that has cleared up and now I think its related to poor circulation. also leg and joint pain, discoloured ankles, swelling of legs and ankles and bulging veins and spider veins as well, I suffer with lots of pain and numbness, I now have low blood oxygen, that showed up with restrictive copd, I have had a numb thigh for 4+ years with pins and needles and sharp stabbing pain, etc. I also take clobrigel and satins the reason was because history of bad heart disease in family and the information, poor circulation......I never even understood what it means until today when I found your community. oh my the list is endless and I feel I am getting neglected with no help at the doctor. Any advice welcome, thank you.

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Have you been diagnosed with vasculitis?


If you are unhappy with your GP you could try a different one?


Hi cabrio. I can relate to your frustrations and also a lot of your symptoms too- you can see my vasculitis posts-and since learning more about vasculitis and other peoples experience, it is my understanding that it can often take a very long time for the medical profession to reach a diagnosis.. Symptoms overlap with other conditions making diagnosis difficult, and also it will take a specialist in vasculitis to really understand the symptoms and diagnose the actual vasculitis type..

I myself have other conditions making it complicated, but I have also suspected vasculitis for some time...At my last rheumatology appointment I showed photos of my various symptoms -blotchy skin, rashes, swellings- and only then did she say "it looked like some vasculitis".From that I am asking my GP to refer me to a vasculitis specialist..

It is a long journey for most people and you have to educate yourself and become resilient..I've had a lot of great advice and support on here.

Good luck and best wishes x

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thank you, I got a blood test yesterday to find out why my blood clotted to fast, at least is a first step, I think I will take pictures with me to gp, and ask lots of questions.


Yes do take photos..It was my blotchy leg and rash photos that rheumatologist connected to vasculitis..Ask your GP for a referral to a rheumatologist.x


Hi Cabrio,

Sorry to hear about your symptoms. Vasculitis is a auto immune disease which causes inflamation in the blood vessels, although it affects the circulation it's not the same as poor circulation or peripheral vascular disease. It can affect any size of blood vessel ( small, medium or large ), is very rare and can be difficult to diagnose.

Please feel free to phone or e mail our helpline for further advice


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