Back has flipped....what painkillers can we take apart from paracetamol?

Woke up on Friday with a cricked back, which got worse as the weekend went on. I managed to see a Physio this morning who is sure it is just a muscular spasm, and gave me some massage and some exercises to do, but I am still in pain whatever I do. Hot water bottle helps a bit, but not enough.

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  • Go to, they sell heated wheat pads that can be used for back pain etc.

    My wife has cervical arthritis and if the pain is bad I apply the head and shoulder pad which gives her relief. It is heated in the microwave for two minutes and retains the heat for about 30 minutes.

    Can you take Co-codemol and Ibruprofen or a combination of the two? Your GP should advise you since some of the medications we have to take for vasculitis are not compatible with these.

  • Just a word of caution if i may. I have WG and was advised that Ibuprofen is a no no?

  • Hi Your going have to be guided by your GP or medics at your hospital, for example if your kidneys are effected you need to keep away from non steroidals such as Diclofenac and Ibuprofen, also they can have a tendency to cause gastric problems. Would expect Paracetamol and Codeine, or combo of the two should be OK. Your GP will know what is good for you to run concurrently with your meds that you take now. Sometimes a topical cream can help. Hot and cold compress, hope it eases soon. Pam

  • Thank you for the advice. I've rung my GP and she has said that I can use the Tramadol that the hospital sent me home with last year. Didn't use it then as it named me so woozy....So here's to a snoozy afternoon !

  • Glad sorted, am with you on Tramadol so used it a nighttime and could sleep through it, can make some nauseous. Relax and enjoy being "Woosey" for awhile Pam

  • Snoozy afternoon was too was the nausea, for very little gain. But am now on codeine which is beginning to work. Like all these things I have to try more than one drug before anything works!

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