Grapefruit medication interactions increasing

Ayla has come across this article, but for some reason couldn't get it to post, so I'm doing the honours on her behalf.

I was informed a long time ago that grapefruit and tumeric do not mix with cyclophosphamide but I never knew why - I just wasn't going to give them chance.



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  • Thanks for that Pat and Ayla. That is interesting.

    Years ago when my brother was in hospital after having a thombosis in his leg he was told not to eat Grapefruit or Cherry tomatoes. We didn't know why and just it assumed it was to do with clotting. Now he has been on Cyclosphorine for his skin condition he was again told not to eat Grapefruit but with no explanation why so it is nice to know.

    Don't you just wish people would explain things properly.

  • Never liked grapefruit, so that's not an issue. Do love turmeric, and cumin etc, and thought turmeric was meant to have anti-inflammatory properties and be good for people like us? As I've just come home after my second pulse of cyclophosphamide, do I have to give up curries until the treatment is complete. That is a bit sad.

  • No I don't think you have to give up curries - I don't like curries, like you don't like grapefruit, but wondered if you can have a curry without using turmeric.

  • John was told not to eat grapefruit or drink the juice from day one of treatment for his WG. John could not give curries up to save his life... will have to tell him about the tumeric... These articles are really very interesting...

    Thank you :-)

  • I was told grapefruit and also turmeric didn't mix with cyclo so I assumed (a daft thing to do) that it was just the cyclo. So, if grapefruit is a No No with other drugs then maybe the turmeric is as well, but I don't know. If I was a fan of the spice I think I would give it a miss just to be on the safe side.


  • I take nifedipine to control my blood pressure and grapefruit also reacts with hat which is why I have to avoid grapefruit in the morning. Apparently something in grapefruit can increase the effectiveness of some drugs.

  • I know it must be there and I'm just blind as a bat but where does it say about turmeric? Does it have the same effect as grapefruit?

  • No, it doesn't mention turmeric there. I was just commenting that at the time I was told not to have grapefruit I was also told not to have turmeric.


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