Confused with blood tests


I need some answer as I am a bit confused at the moment. I got some blood tests results which shows positive p ANCA, but the rest of ANCA results are negative (Inc. C, Pre3 and MPO).

I called the Dr and he said it doesn't mean is facilities, but I am reading and reading and I have a lot of the symptoms. Can this be true or they will have to do more test. Any advice is appreciated , I had a long cry yesterday about this :(

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  • Vasculitis"

  • I will follow this with interest.

    I have APS, raynauds, sjogrens and a lupus like syndrome.

    I too have a positive P-ANCA but all others negative. I do get vasculitic type rashes. My Rheumy is preferring to watch and wait.

    i hope you can get some answers soon.

  • If you call the VUK helpline they will help with some information and advice

  • Hi Nikita

    I'm so frustrated just like you, I have positive Anca and positive MPO, was told it was probably vasculitis and PMR saw the consultant yesterday, asked him if he still thought I had vasculitis of PMR, he looked at me as since September have had blood tests every month with all results elevated, he said no I don't think you have vasculitis or PMR carry on reducing steroids and come back in 2mths time, I'm so frustrated with it all I would like an answer, I know it can take awhile to diagnose, but why did he put me on methotrexate if he didn't think I had vasculitis, had to stop taking it as made me so sick and liver tests were to high, I feel like you just want an answer then I can get on with my life, so I hope you get an answer soon feel like I'm wasting my life just waiting, wonder if we saw different specialist if we would get an answer, take care try not to worry I'm sure we will get there eventually ☹️☹️☹️

  • Hi

    I am so sorry , I feel terrible too. My psychiatrist took the ANCA test and never told me about my results. I am very angry , upset and worried. Sounds like a horrible condition.

    Are you going toilet with blood in the urine? Hematuria.


  • No they test my urine every time I go to hospital but they haven't told me that there is any blood yet, are you loosing blood with urine.

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