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Feeling more positive

My GP has agreed to increase my thyroxine as recommended by dr s. I am slowly increasing in 25mg increments to 225mg when I will return to dr s to review how I feel. The thyroid register has said to remain at 125 and150 on alternate days. I think my GP is being very supportive even though she said she could not refer me to a N H S consultant as my TSH ,T4 andT3 were within range. At least she agreed to all the blood tests I asked for.

I learnt as much as I could from this site , so thank you all.

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I'm really pleased you are getting somewhere. It's always good to have a supportive GP, even if they can't always do what you want. It's great that she is prepared to follow the advice of Dr S. She really sounds like one of the good ones.

Thanks for sharing this with us and please keep us updated with how you are getting on.

Carolyn x


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