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feeling more awake today - yey!

I just thought I would share the good news - it has been a long time since I felt mentally awake and I am feeling a bit more positive today :-)

I am not sure if it is the change in when I am taking my thyroxine, or the sleeping tablets - but this morning I have felt more awke and less foggy - my words are still a bit jumbled and intermittent but I am grateful for a change that is in the right direction for a change :-)


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That's very good news. It makes such a difference when you begin to feel better.


I like reading posts like this...makes me feel the is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Glad you are feeling better. Here's to more days like this or even better ones.


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Am trying to remember, have you just switched to bed-time dosing?

If so, I am not surprised by what you say. It appears that all too many people, with morning dosing, have "run out" by getting up time. So they take their morning tablet(s) and eventually feel a bit better.

Bed-time dosing can also, depending on several factors, act like a small dose increase.

As someone who has always taken mine at bed-time, I certainly started to both sleep better and feel better in the morning almost straight away.



Hi Rod,

No - I just switched from having my thyroxine WITH my breakfast to having my thyroxine a few hours before breakfast.

I did not know you could take it at the end of the day - docs had said have it in the morning.

I might try that next - it would certainly make things easier for me as I have so many other pills to take with food or not food it gets a bit difficult to know when to eat :-)

Do you think I can take it at the same tiem as Gabapentin and temazepam ( that is my bedtime pill dosage - needs to be without food so thyroxine could fit in here but I would not want it to keep me awake - the temazepam is there to send me to sleep :-) ?


I've been told you need to take it on its own, but you could take it an hour before your nightly meds as long as your stomach is empty.


Hopefully it's the throxine and you'll be improving daily :) It's good coming out of the fog. Slurring and stuttering will improve quickly now.


Yes I remember that feeling too Mrs_Somerset, it was a wonderful feeling, waking up thinking what's wrong with me I feel too bright and back to normal. ? That's what happened when I swapped my Levo to night times, 4 hours away from iron/calcium (dairy) and on an empty stomach, it was as helvella said, like a small increase in dose, hopefully you are now all A1 OK, but my 'normality' only lasted two weeks before I started to gradually go back downhill again as my Levo settled down and evened out, I had to wait 3 months to go back to Docs, by that time I was having the aching muscles and pains back again, but luckily the brain fog never came back. (It was definitely brain fog and not depression (Told Doc This too.)

Now 3 months later I have had a small my increase on the Levo, it's only been 1 day, but waiting to feel back to normal once again, but will still be looking into all the extra vitamins and minerals and Virgin Coconut Oil looks interesting too.

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that is really interesting - I have just ordered some virgin coconut oil - but not for eating ! - I ordered it as the Naproxen I am on is maiking my skin fall off, and I remember when I was younger a freind gave me a tub of coconut oil to use on my skin and it made it really soft and silky.

it is very expensive though - just bought from H&B for £16 - how much are you supposed to eat - and how would you eat it ( cannot imagine just scooping it out of the tub like nutlla - whoops - did i just admit to that :-) LOL

sadly I feel like I have been run over again today - but... the brain is definitely clearer thatn I t has been, will try moving my thyroxine to evening times, as long as it does not make you awake at evening times, as I am taking sleeping tablets to help give me some sleep.

would love to know how the coconut oil is to be taken as food and what it is good for?



:O that's expensive, think Tesco's have it for under £2, but only says coconut oil, no mention of the Virgin ;)

Think there was a debate on coconut oil versus virgin coconut oil on here before.

Google virgin coconut oil, think they now sell it at Lidl , I'm sure my daughter said she takes 3 tablespoons a day, but don't take my word for it as it could be just 3 teaspoons ;) :)

wouldn't want you frothing at the mouth :O

Did you see that video about Dr. Chandy and B12 deficiency on You Tube, well worth a 10 minute watch, Hampster1 posted it up for us all, sorry I can't do links for you.

I have learn't so much about this B12 deficiency now, but keeping it in my brain is the hardest :)


Thank-you for posting that - will save me a lot of money if it helps with the skin - I did not see the £2 one but htere is one in tesco called Groovey, it is £6 for 260ml - the H&B one is £16 for 500ml, so tesco is still cheaper and it says Virgin on it - which I believe just means it is cold pressed - like olive oil, but not sure.


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Well - I am now a week into taking my thyroxine WITHOUT food

and my brain is a lot clearer - it is ace :-)

OK, I am not back to normal, I stills tumble over words and forget all sorts of things, but the foggyness now just swims in and out - is is not a constant miasma pushing what is intrinsically me into a small hole - and I would highly recommend anyone else who is still taking thyroxine with food to talk to their docs about changing to thyroxine with no food.

The next step will be to try taking it at night - tonight is the night - if I can remember that is ( was supposed to take it last night, and even though did not get to sleep until 4am - I still forgot! DOH)


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