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Do you feel cold all the time, is it more like over all sensation or certain parts of your body?

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Just wondering how other people feel it. For me it is from my heels up to my knees and buttocks/butt and from wrists to elbows.

I am sitting here having socks , woolly socks and leg warmers on under a blanket and my ankles are freezing, almost aching feeling.

Couple a weeks ago I went for a walk with my sister-in-law, was perfect weather , -3 C. Was a brisk walk, but around after 3 kilometers my legs started to feel cold all the way down from hips. At some point it started to hurt, that's how cold I felt. And I was dressed up properly as I know I feel so freaking cold so easily.

For a person who loves and adores winter and would so much want to go running around playing in snow, this is quite frustrating. It takes so many hours to feel somewhat warm :(

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Justiina, I've always had cold hands and feet, and still do most of the time but they do warm up now. Several years before I had any inkling of thyroid dysfunction I began to feel very cold and bought sleeveless bodywarmers to wear around the house. My bum and thighs were always cold and long jackets didn't help so I bought ski pants for walking the dogs in cold weather.

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Yeah ski pants helps me a bit too. Been thinking about buying proper woolly underwear that snowboarders use. Over here it can get down to -38 C so not so fun for someone with crazy thyroid.

Sometimes I feel I need it during summer too, can be +28 when I go rollerskating and after that I go to sauna and still my buttocks are cold and freezing :D

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Justiina, I wore thermal long sleeve vests and longjohns too, and knee length woolly socks, and hat, scarf & gloves. Not a vision of loveliness but a muddy park in winter is no place for a fashion parade.

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Yep and it literally affects every single part of my body. sometimes i will have parts where its quite hot and others cold but for 99% of the time my body is cold all over and no amount of T4 is fixing that.

I also have stomach issues but dont known if seperate issue or because my body id so cold and digestive system is slow.

Went to docs yesterday because of dark red blood but since i havent lost weigtt and stuff hes not that conccerned. Got to go for bloods and have another test though.

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Justiina in reply to Hypo101

Oh I am laughing out loud, not at you, I just misunderstood your message so bad. Happens to me often when I am tired.

I was thinking like but oh c'mon dont we all have red blood, that it is supposed to be red, or are you royal or something :D Then it hit me and I re-read your message and realized you were referring to your stomach issues.

I hope it isn't anything serious!

I always have cold hands and face, and often feel cold all over my upper body with goose bumps on my arms under my three or more layers of clothing. My lower legs feel cold to the touch, but I don't often feel it "inside" if you know what I mean. Other people say I have cold feet, but I can go outside without shoes (not in the snow!) and not feel it.

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My forehead feels icy cold (really unpleasant) so I usually wear a hat even indoors. My hands and feet get so cold I swear the blood doesn't even reach them, but paradoxically start to burn if I wake during the night so that I end up doing the 'hokey kokey' with the duvet.

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A programme I listened to said there is a link between our feeling cold and oestrogen, which is why women tend to feel cold sooner than men and remain cold long after the men have warmed up. Could this have something to do with your experience?

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Yes, often feel cold when others are warm. It seems variable, but often my lower body is coldest. Interestingly, I recently had a trial of adding T3 to Levothyroxine and it made a big difference to how warm I felt. My endocrinologist thinks I need to add it to my Levo regularly, I'm currently waiting to see if I'll get it prescribed, or have to buy it myself. GP has been strangely quiet since getting the endo's letter!

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Yes, I am always cold! I have always been a 'cold' person too, though. My extremities get it, I also have Raynaud's phenomenon and had it for years before being diagnosed, I always wonder if that was a warning sign!

More recently I have been cold in my middle too, cold all over really! My legs don't seem to suffer as badly or I just don't notice it there. Whenever I touch my toddler I worry that she is burning up but really it's just my ice hands.

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