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Blood test results at 16 weeks pregnant - can anyone advise please?


Hi there

I am being treated privately for recurrent miscarriage. I have my blood test results back from my GP. He says they're normal but he thought they were fine before and my consultant said they were sub-optimal for fertility and pregnancy. I have been taking 25mg levothyroxine and feeling much better in myself until recently (but have just stopped steroid treatment so I don't have any real measure). I wondering whether my consultant is likely to increase my dose - if so I will call the clinic and ask them to look at the results urgently, it can take a while to get a response.

TSH 1.57

Serum T3 4.7

Serum T4 14.6

I was 16 weeks when these were taken.

Thank you!

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I think it is a good idea to ask your private doctor, on NHS they'd tell you those results are 'normal' for 16 weeks into pregnancy, however I think a good doctor will look past the results and see how you are doing/how you feel and take it from there.

Thanks for the reply. Heard back from my private doc - he says they're fine, no need to change dose.

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