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Blood test results

Finally got to the doctors for my test results following all my questions on here! I can't make head nor tail of any of it. All I was told was that I had an Underactive thyroid and I must have been having every symptom going! Can someone explain this muddle for me please!? I'm writing it as it is printed out!

1) Plasma fasting glucose level action R1*

2) ! serum free T4 level, TBS by doctor, Serum TSH level. TBS by doctor *R2

3) ! erythrocyte sedimentation rate, normal, no action, FBC, TBS doctor *R3

4) ! EGFR Borderline. LFT, normal, CHOLESTEROL+TRIG+HDL TBS doctor

Urea and electrolytes, normal *R4

I don't think all of this is to do with the thyroid, but any help re an explanation would be useful. Thanks in anticipation!

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I think TBS means to be specified so your doctor will need to give the levels and ranges. You will most likely be given Levothyroxine, which can help to get cholesterol down too.

Best of luck. I'm fairly new to this site, was diagnosed underactive thyroid, with high cholesterol 2 weeks ago. The members here are very helpful and well informed so I'm sure someone can help you when you have your numbers.


You can't make sense because the numbers are not there!

1) - Blood sugar - would be raised in diabetes

2) - Free T4 and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone - FT4 would be low, TSH high in a typical case of hypothyroidism

3) - Full Blood Count - could have lots of useful information

4) - Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate - would be low if your kidneys are not functioning properly. Liver Functions Tests - vary depending on several factors.

Basically, you have only been given summary results - not the whole lot. I suspect you have been given the first page (with the Table of Contents) and you still have the rest of the book to go!

Either they are trying to fob you off by not giving you everything, or they do not realise they have not given you everything.

This site can be useful for trying to understand what test names are, why they are done and what the results mean:



Sounds typical. I'm feeling very poorly today. Awful bad fibromyalgia and tiredness. I think I will make an appointment with a GP ..different one..and ask for the specifics as you have pointed out. I've never known such an uncaring/cattle market type GP surgery as this. But then I've come from the south west and maybe they just do things differently.


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