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Got my blue horizon results, any advice welcome :)

I am on 150mcg of thyroxine, still many Hypo symtoms but lethargy,coldness( basal temp average 35.9) and unable to lose weight are top 3.

FERRITIN 63 ug/L 13 - 150

Optimum Ferritin level for females : >27 ug/L



TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 126 nmol/L 59 - 154


FREE THYROXINE 16.5 pmol/l 12.0 - 22.0

FREE T3 4.7 pmol/L 3.1 - 6.8



Thyroglobulin Antibody 23.4 IU/mL 0-115(Negative)

Method used for Anti-Tg: Roche Modular


D.H.E.A. Sulphate 2.0 umol/L 0.26 - 11.0

CORTISOL 318 nmol/l

Ref.ranges: 9 am 171 to 536 : Midnight <140

Time of sample. 08:59


Thyroid Microsomal Ab (Conf) Titre of 1 in 400 (Low titre)

Interpretation depends on TSH level

Will I be able to get t3 on this result? Are there any other reasons for low basal temp?



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To me, it looks like you are a little under-replaced as your TSH is above 1 and your T4 and T3 are lowish in the range. You may find that you just need an increase in levothyroxine. This is the best thing to try first. If increasing until your TSH goes to the bottom of the range (or even suppressed) doesn't improve how you are feeling, you may be able to persuade them to prescribe T3.

Your cortisol should be at the top of the range at 8am so it looks like your morning cortisol is lower than optimum. Your DHEA is also on the low side. It may be wise to look into what you can do for adrenal fatigue. There are lots of blogs/questions on here if you use the search function, and several websites. Drs Wilson and Rind have websites with lots of information.

Your lowish cortisol could partly explain your symptoms but you may find you feel better if you can get your ferritin up a little. Although not low, many people would see an improvement in increasing that level a bit.

Adrenal fatigue can cause low basal temp, as can being on too low a dose of thyroxine. It might also be wise to investigate vitamin B12. It would be a good idea to take a maintenance dose of 1000mcg methyl B12 (methylcobalmin) anyway, but you may need 5000mcg daily if you are deficient. Sublingual supplements seem to work best for many people.

Basically I think you are not on a high enough dose of thyroxine, your adrenals could use a little TLC and maybe increasing your ferritin a little would help.

These are just suggestions based on what I have learned, but I'm not a doctor. I hope this helps a little :)

Carolyn x


Thanks Carolyn :) I am supplementing b12(2000mcg methyl) and d3( based on previous nhs results and advice here. I had my levo increased from 125 to 150 4 weeks ago when my tsh was 3.84 and ft4 13.6 so these have improved but temperature has not.


Ah. Perhaps a further increase might be what it takes. If not, you may find some T3 will help :)


Hi Regarding FT3, my endo gives T3 on these results ,and likes it.( via GP) However, some GP`s not as reasonable, unless really low.So, you may need to see an endo, generally they like T4 with T3 if possible ( allergies permitting) Mine needs to always be at the top of the range.

Blue Horizon results are always checked by their Harley St. Doc anything glaring they write to you. They keep writing to me!it is actually a bit annoying but I think a briant policy!

best wishes,



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