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That went well NOT - Part 2

I've just come back from the doctor and again a waste of space. I explained the symptoms I've been having for the last four years, arm shoulder aches and pains, zero lobido, poor sleep, pins and needles in hands, hard to lose weight etc etc.

Well apparently when you get in your late forties, losing weight is harder and apparently there are a lot of people who have lots of illnesses that they never get to the bottom of and have I thought about it being emotional problems! I pointed out I only get emotional when I don't have the energy to live properly - I'm 49 not 89!

He (a locum) said it won't be my Vit D which was 16 (50-200) as everyone in the northern hemisphere is low, won't be B12 which again 50.1 (25 - 165) is quite low.

When he wrote out an online website "5 steps to emotional wellbeing" I gave up and left.

I will carry on smoking as that keeps my TSH low, carry on taking my 5000mcg B12, 1200 iu of Vit D, and all the other things that will hopefully make me feel normal and energetic again.

I am selling my shop in our village as I can't cope with it anymore due to the fatigue and brain fog and will never darken the door of the village doctor again!

Can you tell I'm really upset lol.

It does feel better to get if off your chest and writing this has stopped me going to bed and sobbing - No I'm NOT depressed :O)

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That is infuriating. Is so hard to get the support and help we need. I do feel for you. I have a shop in my village. I have staff in a lot of the time as I can't get in every day. I have just someone to cover another of my mornings. I keep thinking of giving it up but when I am up to it I do enjoy it and there are always things you can do at home. Ordering, accounts etc. I do think my customers wondering what on earth I am on half the time. Blooming brain fog. Big hug to you.


Shame ... sorry you have had a bad day .. don't worry I believe you when you say your not depressed because I know how you feel. I have had a very bad night.

If I was a witch or could casts spells there would be lots of doctors walking around feeling just like we do ;-) then lets see how soon they sort the Endo departments out .. chin up


((((Hugs)))) seems to be something in the air today xx

I like the idea of witchcraft to get them to feel the way feel. ;)

Hope things improve for you.

Ann xx


Although I have officially given up I had to phone gp for stronger pain killers as joint pain excruciating at moment. My gp on hols so doc says 'ah yes, a bit of back ache', er no, I explained (again!) my symptoms and she said 'oh, but your blood tests are normal', er no, but cannot be bothered anymore, can I have the painkillers please??? yes she said. If only getting thyroid meds so easy. So I sympathise as another overweight 40 something year old who had to go part time at work as unable to manage. Cannot offer anymore, just support, you are not alone this forum is brilliant, keep talking and sharing. Hugs xx


Have you ever tried taking Dr.Tofts book into the surgery with you, or some other printed articles from a credable source?

I went in front of an endo a while back who TRIED, but failed, to bully me into his way of thinking. I fought for what I know is right and in the end we agreed to disagree but he knew I knew what I was talking about, which made all the difference, and I got a good result.

Dont give up the fight, its your life and you are entitled to live it to the full and not be stuck in the black hole that is thyroid illness

How this idiot can say that your symptoms are not due to low VitD I dont know. Please dont let this idiot of a man get the better of you, change tact if you have to and keep changing it until you find a winner.

Wishing you all the best.

Moggie x


We read of so many similar consultations with GP's and the inability of them to either know about the clinical symptoms of hypo or how to prescribe to alleviate them.

Two tragic blogs were posted a little while ago. Maybe your GP should have a read and be enlightened - as should the British Thyroid Foundation etc. and proper training of GP's as it is those who we see initially about health problems. It is quite apparent that (if you are fortunate to be diagnosed) they are incapable of using their brains or expanding their knowledge to be helpful to their suffering patients. I think many of us could diagnose another person whom we have never seen before as having a thyroid gland problem, but the GP's cannot.

Dr S and Dr P can without the need of blood tests.

As for your GP's comment about Vit D and B12 - words cannot express.


shaws you make me laugh with your comment, so true!!!! x


Thank you for all your replies. I will keep battling on as the rest of you are. I find you just need to rant sometimes and this is the only place that people understand. X


Vit D 16? some lucky folks get high dose injections of 50000iu (I take 4000iu drops daily and know when I forget - my wrists and elbows soon tell me!)

I wish I knew this and other Thyroid related things too when we had a little shop in the village, of course never a day off! btw - 'anyone said 'it's alright for you, you must be doing well' yet? (18 hour day plus VAT, tax, accounts and all that jazz after hours!) J x


How can it not be your vitamin D? It is well below the normal range! Did he not prescribe any vitamin D tablets? If not, he is negligent. This could at least partly explain some of your symptoms. Grrr! I would make a complaint against him as he clearly doesn't know what he is doing. If he has failed to treat a condition indicated by blood test results (and we all know how rigidly doctors like to follow "normal" ranges) then he has failed in his duty of care.

Please go and see another GP and point out your vitamin D result and ask for it to be treated. It might not "cure" you but it might help you to feel a little better in some way and at least give you the strength to keep fighting.


Carolyn x


I'm very tempted to be sarcastic here,..... and resistance is futile tonight...

How can a doc be negligent of not prescribing vitamins?

Why would a doc want to prescribe Vitamins? when anything else is much more fun!

and that alternative stuff is available at 'Boots' or 'Tesco' anyway (as I was told) it's not as though vitamins/minerals are actually important or a vital hormone or anything, OR that all GPs have had instruction from their (various) chief medical officers to take note that there is a UK 'lack' of Vit D (shh - no one said epidemic). Or that they are actually taking it themselves! (he said it - yep, he did!).

Oh dear, I don't seem to be towing the official line again and may be getting a few hackles up - c'est la vie! the truth may hurt (although in 'apstrophes') Jane :D


I'm glad you mentioned sarcasm or I would have been completely confused! I don't get sarcasm or irony. We're beginning to think my son's Asperger's comes from my side of the family!

I completely agree, btw. That's assuming you actually are being sarcastic :D


It is an Asperger thing! My son has ASD and I'm well on the way to it myself. I self treat with Vit D3 drops 4000iu per day def during the winter, Vit B12 spray sublingually, selenium and magnesium + calcium (menopausal).

So sorry to hear of your plight. Join the club won't help but we have been there too, and far too many times. I've given up for the time being as have loads of other stuff going on but did check my anti-bods privately and as they were neg have started a very low dose of iodene (careful with this though) and am feeling a tad better.

Plus have stripped sugars as best as poss out of my diet along with gluten. The GP has spoken to an endo who says I'm fine also yet we know ourselves best.

Gather your strength and information - change Gp's if necessary and ready yourself for the next round!



It;s easy enough to treat yourself with Vit D... and B12


They tell you you're nothing special, everyone is tired at this time of year, and then they confirm that everyone is also deficient in vitamin D but they can't see the connection and they won't treat the problem.

Issy is right in a way; it's easy to get the supplements yourself, but on the other hand I really struggled to find guidance on loading doses. My gp told me to go to Holland and Barrett and buy a supplement, but my vitamin D level was 10-12! You need a high dose for up to three months, and even that didn't help much until I was on a gluten free diet (I don't know if that was a coincidence, but it was the first time I was able to get my levels above 50.)

I found this helpful:


Hi I also agree with Issy's comment and have already started, but like you I was hoping for advice on dosage. I already take 3 x 400 per day but some sites suggest far higher to get the levels up. I am still looking into it but want to make sure my Vits are fine before fighting with thyroid levels. Interesting link - thanks


I did 15,000 - oh gosh I don't know if that was IU or another measurement, but my capsules were 5000 each - daily for three months and my levels remained lowish but improved and then resolved well after gf diet.


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