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Been so worried - yet daughter's results seem low normal with deficiencies?

I finally got my 15 year old to agree to do the blood test as i have Hashimotos and she's fatigued with low mood. I'm recently diagnosed so I was worried that's why she's been so low and tired.

Her results seem normal though as her TSH has dropped from 3.2 two years ago to 1.33 and T4 went up from 12 to 14.13. Test was fasting at 9.30am.

The notes said b12 was insufficient. Two years ago it was 500. Would vit D cause fatigue. I guess I should get her tested again if she shows symptoms in the future.

It all seems so inconclusive!

Really appreciate any thoughts or advise. She hates the taste of vit d spray and won't take it so need an alternative that is easily absorbed!

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Any vit D3 supplement will do, also fish but the best way is to get prudent exposure to the sun now summer is on the way.

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Thanks. Last time she was tested was late summer after a holiday to Spain and it was 67. I've battled to get her to take D3. I wish I could just add it to meals. Salmon is compulsory at least once a week and you'd think I was the worst mum in the world but I persevere!


Farmed salmon, which is what most salmon sold in the UK is, doesn't have that much vitamin D3 in it. She really needs to take a D3 supplement now. Then in summer she needs to be kicked outside even if there isn't that much sun.

If you have a garden and she is sociable it helps as she can sit in the sun with her friends' forgetting to put on enough sun cream. (She can have a wide brim hat for her face and shoulders.)


Thanks. I do get organic or wild salmon to attempt to get the most into her as once a week is all she will tolerate. I feel so bad that I've protected her with suncream to the detriment of vit D. So hard with the sun safe advise and she's so fair.

It will be a fine balance!


OK I need to say this loudly - IT ISN'T YOUR FAULT.

We were all mislead and are still being mislead by some medical "experts".

You are lucky that now you know better.

Unfortunately you now have the problem of how to "kick"* a 15 year old girl outside particularly in summer and hope she is sensible e.g. knows how to stop herself from burning while getting sufficient sun.

Oh and if you manage to do it you need to share with other people how you did it.

*Sorry I'm being rude but I guess you know what I mean.


Yes. You are right. I just worry it partly caused her growth issues😕


With a low B12 level like that it may be worth testing for pernicious anaemia (its dropped in the two years) Folate could be higher. Ferritin probably could too. She definitely needs her Vit D a lot higher, somehow!


Thanks. I've now posted on PA too😊

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She's has been taking my gentle iron lately and that's how i realised she must be feeling low. She normally refuses supplements since having a prolonged bad experience with the NHS🙁, sadly a case of negligence and the impact can't be repaired.

I think I'll get some tests for PA before i give her b12 and folate.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Low vitamin D can cause depression so getting that up may help. My daughter uses these drops which are very good and neutral tasting, and include k2:


Diet can make a big difference, for example cutting out all sugars and processed carbs. She could also try going gluten free for a couple of weeks to see if it helps; my daughter was unaware that she had gluten sensitivity until she cut it out and then tried reintroducing it. Cutting out wheat and sugar made a big difference to her energy and emotional wellbeing.

Other things to try are probiotics, B complex along with the B12, stress reduction and relaxation away from screens, I think young people are under a lot of stress these days. Good luck x

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Thanks. I'll try that. Better than taking 2 different vits. Mood is definitely affected so i hope it will help her.

Yes, there's so much stress for young people to excel in exams and life in general!

I tried to get her to go GF but she said it made no difference after a month. She's been struggling for a while so I just want to help. Us mum's just want to make it all better! x

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