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Help with results and getting second opinion

I was diagnosed hypothyroid (and tested positive for antibodies) about 3 years ago. For a while I felt OK on Throxione but lately I have been experiencing symptoms again, some days more than others. In particular hair loss, dry skin, afternoon slump, cold, constipation, headaches and emotional. I have also started to have abdominal problems.

I went to the docs and mentioned one strange symptom in particular - tingling in my head. I had TSH, B12, Folate and Glucose tested. I called for results and was told all normal but I don't feel right. After reading things on here I decided to ask for a print of my results in case any were borderline.

TSH 0.92 (0.4 - 5.5) No ref of T4 or T3

B12 582 (190 - 910)

Folate 10.4 (4.6 - 2.0)

Glucose 3 (3.5 - 7.8) This is outside of range but I was told normal

Does anyone have any experience with the Glucose side of things? Should I query it?

I would really like to see a specialist since I feel my GP just fobs me off (even though she has a thyroid problem herself). I can't afford to go private but I do have Bupa and Westfield but they need GP to refer me I think. How do people go about getting second opinions. Does anyone know what I am entitled to?

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I forgot to add when I was feeling better I was not on hormonal contraception. I am wondering if the pill does not help me. Does anyone else find this?


Hi hun,

You're in the same position as me and sooooo many others here. Check out my latest questions posted for some info. (see my profile). Hope something helps you there.

p.s. My hormonal contra. has had no effect on my Thyroid symptoms at all. Can't comment on that one.

You're in a good place here.



Hi As I think you know vital you have T4 and Free T3 tests done in addition to the TSH. If Gp difficult then can you pay through the site, I use Blue Horizon, 3 tests £61 if you quote TUK 10, very simple, post and e Also ask the gp to do Viit ( hormonal ) Glucose below range usually means you have Hypoclaecemia, not diabetes but low sugar. Do you feel the need to snack ? If so that is the answer.Yes to see a consultant you always need a referral, their rules. However, if you ask for a referral be sure to pick the endo you want to see first and then ask to be referred.It is also quite common to need the levo put up after a little while, perhaps for sometime until stable, blood tests if GP, consultant if good, tests and how you feel etc.It is just cost cutting in the nHS to often just do TSH , it is not good on it`s own.

Best wishes,



It would be useful to get results for;

Serum ferritin

Serum iron

Vitamin D

Do you take supplements? This link will give you some advice;

Selenium can lower antibodies - Maddie


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