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Help with results

Hi can anyone tell me about my results my GP states they are in range yet has referred me to an endricronologist, any answers would be much appreciated

Serum TSH 0.7 (0.38-5.5)

T4 19.8

RBC4.61 (3.85-4.9)

Haemoglobin 126 (119-149)

MVC 81.4 (82-100)

MCH 27.3 (27-32.5)

MCHC 335 (316-365)

Serum ferritin 49 (22-322)

Serum fasting glucose level 5.2 (3.3-6)

Serum vitamin B12 226 (211-911)

Serum folate 7.5 (3.4-15.8)

Thank you for any views

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Do you have a range for the FT4, please? It looks a bit high. Your doctor is probably concerned that you have sub-clinical hyperthyroidism due to the low TSH. You need antibodies tested.


Hi there is no range however he has reduced thyroxine from 200 to 175 a day, my main issue is I simply cannot lose weight despite a very strict diet however I previously lost two stone and was fine for a long time however it has come back on and no matter what I do I cannot get it off I was slightly concerned about my fasting blood test result as it was high ish however the usual advice is to change diet however I live off berries and fat free yoghurt for brekkie, salad rice and a protein (chicken steak or fish) for lunch and same again for dinner so I cannot understand it


Ask your doctor for the range. It's important to know.

What has come back hishish on your fasting blood test? The FT4? Did you take your levo before the test?

It's possible that you aren't converting your levo to T3, and that's why you can't lose weight. But, you need your FT4 and FT3 tested at the same time to find out; The TSH and FT4, without the FT3, tell you very little about your thyroid status.

Were you on levo when you lost weight before? If so, how much?

For goodness sake, throw the fat-free yoghurt in the bin, where it belongs, an buy some decent full-fat stuff! Low fat is not doing you any good. The body needs fat, and it doesn't make you fat, that's a myth.

It's perfectly possible that you aren't eating enough. If you don't eat enough, it will affect your conversion, which will make you more hypo, and therefore unable to lose weight.

Resist the pressure to reduce your dose until the FT3 has been done. Only that can tell you if you're over-medicated. Doctors are so dumb!

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My blood suger I think it's the glucose one was 5.2 I think although still in the range, I was on 200 all the time he will not test the t3 so I am not sure what to do now


The only solution is to get private tests. You just need FT4 and FT3 to see if you're converting. Details of private tests on Thyroid UK main page.


If I am not converting would I be able to buy t3 or can you use supplements?


You'd have to buy T3. You can't replace hormones with vitamins or minerals.

On the other hand, in the long term, optimising your nutrients might help with your conversion, but it would take a long time, so buying T3 is the rapid solution.

First of all, get your doctor to test your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin, because these are often low in hypos. :)


Both my ferritin and B12 are low I will get a private t3 test done where do you buy t3 from?


You would have to post a new question asking people to PM you with their trusted sources for buying T3. :)

Are you supplementing your ferritin and B12?


Yes supplementing. Both! I will post now for people to PM me for T3 😊

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Is it a free T3 test or a T3 test they have both sorry for all the questions can't seem to get answers anywhere else


Always Free - Free T4 and Free T3. :)


Thank you I'm hoping someone messages with suppliers I have put a post on


You're welcome. :)


I'd think that your B12 is too low and possibly ferritin as well. Are you on thyroid meds?


Hi yes I am on 200 levothyroxine a day they have told me to reduce to 175


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