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Help with sister's results


I have had help in past with my abnormal thyroid results and been able to convince my GP of my dosage needs to feel normal. My sister has been totally exhausted for years but has always been told her results are normal, which indeed they seem to be. But that is how I started off and it needed an endocrinologist to interpret my results and diagnose my thyroiditis which led to hypothyroidism.

Any opinions on my sister's results below?

Should she ask for T3 to be tested.

Should she ask for referral to see an endocrinologist?

(Lab ranges are in brackets)

TSH 2.24 (0.35 - 5.5)

T4 8.8 (7 - 17)

Folate 12.9 (>3.00)

Ferritin 149 (15 - 309)

B12 247 (150 - 900)

Thyroid Peroxidase Ab Conc 0.6 (<9.00) Don't know what this is.

Thank you for any help as it is awful to see her so tired all the time.

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Sounds like me! I don't quite understand the folate result as mine has a range of 8-60, mine being 13 is low. B12 is low. I can't see vitamin D on there, has it been tested? I've been supplementing b12 and folate since Feb and am starting to feel less tired, and vit d since July. But I'm not very good at remembering to take them. Sorry, not much help

Sandy why don't you send in another post with a different heading using the word Hypothyroid and it will attract more people ..


Or indeed Hyperthyroid .. whatever it may be


Your sister's doctor hasn't tested her Free T3. Her doctor is only looking at the TSH result which is 'normal' range and GPs have been told to not diagnose until the TSH is 10 - which might be forever for some people. In the meantime they will continue to be in worsening bad health if FT4 and FT3 is low. Your sister's FT4 is 8.8 - just over bottom of range which is 7. The top of the range is 17, so how can she have sufficient T4 circulating in her blood to convert to T3. in fact almost none, I think.

Doctor should have done Free T3 blood test. T3 is needed to run our whole metabolism from head to toe. Look at interpretation below:-

The suggestion by another is to copy your post and put a different heading as some are good at interpreting results and it might be more helpful.

Her B12 is too low - the aim should be nearer 1,000 - she can take methylcoblamin sublingual B12.

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