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Got copies of results

Hi there, I recently blogged about my GP saying I was deluded because none of my symptoms have got anything to do with not having a thyroid.

I managed to get a copy of all my results from the surgery at a cost of £10, anyway here goes


TSH 5.95 range (0.3-5)

Serum free T4 14 range (10-22)

states suggestive of compensated hypothyroidism

At this stage I was sleeping for 18 hours a day and had a goitre on my neck, upon looking at the results the GP remarked "they are not that bad"


TSH does not state

serum free T4 14 range 10-22

states target FT4 on thyroxine 15-25, results consistent with under treatment on thyroxine or poor compliance.

07/09/2005 a week after total thyroidectomy

TSH 0.05 range 0.3-5

free T4 24 " 10-22

free triiodothyronine 5.2 " 2.1-6

states TSH 0.05..suppressed..T4

24/TSH 5.2..results given for opd today..prob needs reduce thyrox


Free t4 28 range 10-22, target FT4on thyroxine 15-25

Free triiodothyronine 5.9 range 2.1-6

states despite the high FT4, the FT3 is not raised therefore the patient may not be over treated on thyroxine unless clinical findings suggest otherwise.


TSH 0.04 range 0.3-5

Free T4 22 range 8-19

FT3 5.5 range 2.1-6

states FT4 target on thyroxine 13-22, please note from january change to reference range,



TSH 0.01 range 0.3-5

FT4 24 range 8-19

FT3 6.1 range 2.1-6

Serum FSH 7.5 range 1-11


TSH 0.03 range 0.3-5

FT4 18 range 8-19

FT3 5.5 range 2.1-6

states target FT4 13-22


TSH 0.01 range 0.3-5

FT4 19 range 8-19

FT3 5.1 range 2.1-6

states target FT4 13-22


TSH 0.04 range 0.03-5

FT4 26 range 8-19

states please note british thyroid society guidelines state a TSH within the reference range indicates adequate thyroxine replacement.


TSH1.06 range 0.3-5

FT4 12 range 8-19

this states the same as above.

I have just tried to get my latest blood test results but apparently the receptionist needs to speak to the nurse first, she then went on to ask me what I needed them for. I said I am thinking of seeing a private doctor but I was entitled to be given a copy of my results, she replied she didn't say I wasn't entitled to them to which i replied that it was irrelivent as to what i wanted those results for. I am awaiting a phone call from the nurse.

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hello! Just a question: is it normal to have to pay to get results from a surgery?



Good question, I don't know and I couldn't be bothered to ask or argue the point because I was just happy to get them. Lesley


I dont pay for mine, but I ask for them after each test - maybe the charge was because your asked for a lot of them all at once? Seems tight tho, I think there is some evidence to show that patients that take an interest in their condition and feel more in control tend to have better outcomes, so providing people with their results if they want them seems to be a good clinical move to me


IHi, I have never heard of paying the GP for results, I would query the receptionist about for head of practice. Your results do not look to bad but if you still feel in then the treatment? is not enough for you. Your T3 looks Ok although you may benefit from a little but with your TSH towards the bottom end of range I suspect you would only get it from an endo. T4 not bad , there again , maybe a little more would help the symptoms. G.P.`s mostly only go by blood tests, a good consultant ( endo or otherwise) go by how the patient is with consideration of blood tests. It would be worth concentrating on all the other tests that cn go with thyroid disease, especially if autoimmune. Vit d ( hormonal), if low ,then you need a calcium test for corrected calcium before treating with D. Ferritin,( often low) B12 + Folic acid ( autoimmune),Diabetes , autoimmune and hormonal., they are the main ones although there are other tests.

Once established on the correct treatment , you should feel better but it takes quite a while to be stable.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie, if you look at my first test results they weren't horrendous and yet I was only awake for 6 hours a day. That to me just proves one thing you cannot go off the blood test results. They arnt bothering to test my T3 now but on some of the previous tests the TAG and T4 are out of range but because the T3 is ok they are saying results are normal. X


Sorry tsh not tag


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