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Hi im new and looking for advice on hypothyroidism, I am very symptomatic, and had blood tests.

Basically I had a baby 6 months ago, (sept12) and since Xmas have felt gradually shocking.

Symptoms are;

Weight gain despite dieting - 20 lbs since Xmas. ( I am overweight as well as latest weight gain)

Daily headaches

Drowsy tiredness and heavy eyes despite upto 10 hours sleep


Major hair loss

Depression/low mood

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Feel cold when every be else says its warm

Cracked tongue (middle)

Awful snoring!

I am almost 40, have Crohn's disease which is in remission and no medication. My mum has underactive thyroid and said I look unwell.

I went to my gp and she did bloods, not all back yet but here are the ones I have so far;


TSH - 1.4 (0.20-4.00)

Free T4 -12.7 (10.00-20.00)

T3 not taken

TPO - not back yet

Ferritin - 14 (10.00-322.00)

Serum folate - 3.3 (5.40-24.00)

I had a call the day after the bloods were taken to say I need to take 2 x210mg iron tablets and have to go for blood test tomorrow for repeat serum folate.

Ay help or advice would be very welcome, I just want to feel well, loose weight and have some energy

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Welcome to our Forum

You sound symptomatic and someone will answer re your blood tests.

This is a link re pregnancy which may give you some info and towards the middle is about pregnancy - the first infertility.



Like you I am a Crohns sufferer having been diagnosed in 1973. In 2005 I was diagnosed with Hashimotos - the auto-immune version of thyroid illness as you probably know. The two often go together. It can be the case that your TFT's ( Thyroid Function Tests ) remain within the ranges laid down but you can have high anti-bodies - and so Hashimotos. This was the case with me and my husband ! Without the Antibody tests we would have been declared ' Normal ' - whatever that means.

With Crohns you will also have low D3 and B12 - both are usually low in sufferers. Both need to be at the top of the range and not just ' in range '. You may have to have it done privately - only 25 GBP's - in spite of the DOH writing to all GP practices to instruct them to test for D3 in vulnerable people. For those that can do joined up writing Crohns does come into that category. The Test is D3 (25-OH ) and is done by a hospital in Birmingham - could be City Assays. I live in Crete so didn't quite take in the company !

Maybe worth thinking about gut health with everything that is going on......healing the gut is one way of keeping the anti-bodies down - the ones that attack the thyroid.. Read up as much as you can.....lots on this site if you look at the tags on the right.

drmyhill.co.uk is also an excellent source of free information....

Good Luck and keep posting.....


Very interesting Marz and thank you or your reply.

My crohns is in remission, ironic my bowel is fab but feel so awful!

I am waiting on my thyroid peioxidase result, so may shed some light.

I am lo very low ferritin and they' are rechecking my folate, as also low.

I certainly don't feel normal :-/



......have just realised that you did reply to my post above but I did not receive it as you have to click Reply to this - written in blue !

You didn't mention your VitD and your B12 status. How are they ? Very important.


Please make sure that you have your B12 levels checked BEFORE you take folic acid to treat your low folate. Folic acid masks the tests for B12 deficiency and the damage caused by B12 deficiency can continue in the background and go unnoticed. Too many medics have little idea about this or what the levels of b12 should be, so if you get tested please post the results here for advice. The "normal" in range results for B12 are far too low.

My sister has pernicious anaemia which was undiagnosed and untreated because the so called experts treated her low folate in isolation. She now has permanent nerve damage as a direct result.


I had my b12 done they said its normal

544 uh/l (211 - 911)

I am waiting for my antibodies too come back.

And the results of my folate retest.


....needs to be higher for optimal health......nearer the top of the range.


Hi All extra tests so important for you. Free T3 most important, ask the GP ( if you dare) if you can pay her Lab to have it taken ( about £10),or for more, I pay £61 you can have it done through the site thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/te It an make a huge difference to symptoms to have T3 on a script with the Levo, if needed , especially lowers weight, also lowers TSH slightly. If taking T3 split dose and try to take 12 hours apart,

Best wishes,


If you want to reply to anyone, click on "reply to this" or we will not know.


Thank you jacked I didn't know about replying.

I will ask for the T3 test, my only issue is as I work in the medical profession the GPS get a bit funny as they think self diagnosis is happening. This a not the case, my mum noticed my symptoms and made the link, I just feel rubbish.

I had a feel of my thyroid and it feels big, but then i dont know what it felt like before so unsure really.

Oh well x


Hi If you think it is enlarged then you also need an ultra sound, fairly routine.I would not worry what "they "think, so long as you get the treatment you need.I have learnt after terrible treatment for various things to be fussy who I see and tell them what I want. It does not come naturally to me but often I am afraid it is the only way. Your health here is the most important. Although, do not say you have looked things up on the WEB, only very good doctors will accept that!!

Best wishes,



Should I supplement my b12?


....yes - 1,000 mcg chewable or under the tongue. Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalamin. There are also B12 patches available out there if your absorption is not good. Amazon and others sell them.

Out of interest can I ask you how your Crohns was diagnosed ?....


Don't knw where my reply went?

Basically I put, my doctors are useless!

They did have my Thyroid per oxidase result all,along, it's 28 she didn't know the range. S don't know what that's means.

Also my repeat folate was exactly the same as last week.3.3, which is well below the normal range.

She said its all normal, ski asked cod I book in to see the doctor, she asked why? Yes, she's the receptionist which actually means 'god'. I did not give a reason, she went on tomsaythe doctors have been seeing is off sick for the next 8 weeks, at this point I could easily of cried... I stayed strong, now she books me in with another doctor, only the junior girl who. Ear may have thyroid disease also as she yawns all the way through the magic 'ten minute' appointment! Grrrrrr, so have to wait a few weeks to re explain everything, to be told my bloods indicate I am normal...well I feel anything but normal.

So it seems I am here never false pretences, I need to find a hypochondriac forum. :-(

Tsh 1.4

T4 12.7

Tpo 28

Ferritin 14

Folate 3.3

B12 544


Marz, my crohns was diagnosed with colonoscopy and biopsies. I have 3 ulcerated areas in my terminal ileum., x


Please excuse all the typos, I am tired, fed up and rushing :-(


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