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Blood Test Results - Advice and Help Needed -very High rT3 and Thyroglobulin

I am a 37 year old man who has been on thyroxine for 11 years. Is started seeing Dr Skinner in Birmingham in October 2012. I have just had a set of thyroid bloods done at Genova Diagnostics and the results are pretty extraordinary. I would really appreciate any advice, feedback or help you can give.

I currently take 325mg of thyroxine a day. I did not take any thyroxine for 24 hours before the test.

Total T4: 163nmol/L=High (range 58-154)

TSH: 0.004 mIU/L=Low (range 0.4-4)

FT4: 30.6pmol/L=High (Range 10-22)

FT3: 7.3pmol/L=High (Range 2.8-6.5)

FT4/FT3 Ratio 4.2=High (Ratio Range 2-4.5)

ReverseT3 0.86pmol/mL=Very High (range 0.14-0.54)

FreeT3 to ReverseT3 ratio =8.5 (I understand this should be above 20)

Thyroglobulin 674IU/mL=Very High (range 0-40)

Peroxidase less than 10= Within optimal range (Range 0-35)

It would appear than my reverseT3 and thyroglobulin are very high, which might explain why I still have loads of hypo symptoms and and taking loads of thyroxine.

Does any one have any advice on what to do next? Has anyone done just T3 for 12 weeks to clear the rT3?

All advice and and help would be appreciated...



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Interesting thread here on T3 only:




Your thyroglobulin antibody confirms Hashimotos, which is a Autoimmune problem, I too have high thyroglobulin and it needs to come down as my system is being attacked.

not sure about r t3,, you will contine to feel ill ( sorry) on thyroxine because of the antibodies that are continuing to rise and attack the thyroid, therfore its not your thyroid it is your antibodies.

same issue and looking to find answers ( gluten is a big factor and iodene) hence other co factors.

hope this helps.



It would seem to me - and I'm not a doctor, you understand - that your body isn't using all that T3 so your body is converting that massive amount of T4 into rT3 to avoid you going too hyper... Does that make sense, anybody. Certainly, the more T4 you take, the more rT3 you will make. You have Hashi's so maybe you are on a hyper swing anyway.

I also had an rT3 problem and did the (more than) 12 weeks on T3 only. It appears to have done the trick. BUT I was also treating my adrenals at the same time. If your body can't use the T3, it could be that you have adrenal fatigue.

In your position, I would test the adrenals and B12, D3, iron etc; suppliment if necessary; and try T3 only.

Just my opinion, Grey


Hi Grey,

Can you tell me how you treated your adrenals at the same time? I'm looking into doing T3 for 12 weeks today, but would be interested in how I would treat the adrenals at the same time.




Mainly, I use the method my doctor taught me i.e. Hydrocortisone. But you have to know what you're doing. I wouldn't recommend doing it on your own. My adrenal levels were seriously low, still not good, so I need quite a hefty treatment for them.

I have tried a certain brand of whole dried adrenal, which made me feel quite good, but the manufacturers have messed around with the formula and added vitamins and minerals, which doesn't sound such a good idea to me.

Apart from that, high doses of vitamin C and assuring that I get enough salt. (As I don't eat a lot, I tend not to get much salt, so take some in orange juice to compensate.)

A lot of people here swear by Nutri Adrenal, but I haven't tried that.

That's about all I can suggest. BUT do get them tested before doing anything.



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