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Blood results

Hope someone can help as I'm confused with the following;

T4 = 101 (range 58-154 nmol/L)

TSH = 4.70 (range 0.4 - 4.0mIU/L)

FT4 = 13.9 (range 10 - 22 pmol/L)

FT3 = 6.83 (range 2.8 - 6.5 pmol/L)

FT4 : FT3 Ratio = 2.0 (range 2.0 - 4.5)

RT3 = 0.33 (range 0.14 - 0.54 pmol/L)

TGab = 20.0 (range 0 - 40 IU/ml)

TPOab = 302 (range 0 - 35 IU/ml)

I paid for the above tests as my NHS Dr would not do the full test, despite having severe hypo symptoms.

What do they mean? and should I get some help/medication from my NHS Dr?

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I just don't know what to say to the Dr? Please help


Welcome to the forum, Calrie67.

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOab) means you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) which causes 90% of hypothyroidism in the UK.

Your TSH is high and your FT4 low which are to be expected in subclinical hypothyroidism but I'm completely flummoxed by your above range FT3. Would you check that you haven't made a typo?

Doctors will usually prescribe thyroid hormone replacement when TSH is >5.0 with elevated TPOab to delay the inevitable progression to overt hypothyroidism ie TSH >10.

Dr A Toft, consultant physician and endocrinologist at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, has recently written in Pulse Magazine, "The combination of a normal serum T4 and raised serum TSH is known as subclinical hypothyroidism. If measured, serum T3 will also be normal. Repeat the thyroid function tests in two or three months in case the abnormality represents a resolving thyroiditis.2 But if it persists then antibodies to thyroid peroxidase should be measured.

If these are positive – indicative of underlying autoimmune thyroid disease – the patient should be considered to have the mildest form of hypothyroidism.

In the absence of symptoms some would simply recommend annual thyroid function tests until serum TSH is over 10mU/l or symptoms such as tiredness and weight gain develop. But a more pragmatic approach is to recognise that the thyroid failure is likely to become worse and try to nip things in the bud rather than risk loss to follow-up."


Thank you Clutter for the welcome:) and hello to you and everyone else

No typo with the FT3 and I have researched and I don't understand it?

So if I go to the Dr I shouldn't have to beg to be put on medication with my results? I just seem to be going round in circles and they make me feel stupid when I go armed with knowledge. I'm just getting worse and struggling to function and have a normal life. I'm sorry for moaning:(


Don't apologise for moaning, Calrie, we all need to vent sometimes and we encourage people to moan here rather than see friends and family faces glaze over.

email for a copy of the Pulse article and highlight the part I posted above and give it to your GP. Ask for a 3 month trial of Levothyroxine to see whether it improves your symptoms and reduces your TSH. If your GP won't agree see if there is another more sympathetic GP you can see at the practice.


Hello all, well my GP Visit didn't go well and she point blank refused a trial of Levothyroxine! She suggested I have a blood test in 2 months but this would just be TSH and FT4 and would not measure for TPO/FT3 which are the ones that are raised. I also pointed out that my high FT3 could be my pituitary and requested this to be tested, again she refused. I feel so let down and I'm just going round in circles. I really don't know where to go from here? Any suggestions would really be appreciated


I got a second opinion from another GP who has now referred me to a endo :) fingers crossed that they will do something


fingers crossed too! - are you taking any sort of medication like Amiodarone? - that FT3 is strange, good idea to ask for pituitary testing too

one interpretation of blood tests

J :D


Hi Calrie, I dont really understand very much about hypothyroidism as my thyroid is overactive not under . However I am really pleased you have been referred to an endo.Just shows you the different attitudes of GPs in the same practice. Someone will reply to help you prep6 for your appointment. Good luck x


Hi Sparerib, the FT3 is strange and yes I really would like the pituitary testing too, I am a little worried that I seem to have symptoms of cushing's disease too :( I'm not taking any medications.

Thank you for your support and also p1pp1ns :)


Which symptoms of cushing disease do you have?


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