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Interpreting test!

Hi, In the face of sceptical NHS staff, I decided to get a test done privately, as I'm just fed up with feeling so 'off' and found some good info through Tyroid UK.. and although I THINK I understand the result, before I go back to my doctor, would very much appreciate someone who is more knowledgeable helping me with correctly understanding the scores..

T4 = 73 (range 58-154)

TSH = 1.8 (range 0.4-4.0)

T4 = 12.8 (range 10-22)

FT3 = 3.64 (2.8-6.5)

FT4 = 3.52 (3 - 5)

Thyroglobulin = <20 (0-40)

Perixidase = (10.7 (0-35)

I feel slightly stupid being so uncertain and would appreciate any advice or help. Thank you

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I don't know about the other levels, but your TSH being 1.8 looks perfect to me.


Thanks - I was encouraged by that too, but the oterhs threw me off track! :-)


Hi Sassisoo,

Your TSH could be lower, some folk don't feel well until their TSH is under 1 and their Free T4 at the top or even above the range. Your Free T4 is nearer the bottom so could be much improved. My guess is that you need an increase and maybe even two increases in thyroid meds.

To back this up show your GP a copy of Understanding thyroid disease by Dr Toft which is available in good Chemists at £4.99. Some of the advice in this book is not good, sorry I don't know which page it is on where he says the above info and also says that it is not unreasonable for patients still suffering to replace some of the Thyroxine (T4) with T3 (tri-iodothyronine).

When you are taking your optimum dose it can be a few months after that point that you start to improve.

Other things to bare in mind is how you take your levothyroxine - at the same time with water and not to eat or drink any other type of drink for at least half an hour.

Also if you take iron or calcium to ensure that these are taken at the other end of the day.

Also (there are so many factors) whether your Pharmacist changes your brand of levothyroxine, this can interfere

<b>Updated on Jun 9 2010 2:22PM:</b> Is it levothyroxine that you are taking? what dose?

Have you had your B12, ferritin and folate tested? if these results are low then it is possible this will cause similar symptoms to hypothyroid symptoms.

These pointers are just what I have picked up along the way on my journey of trying to improve. I am not a medical expert as you know.


Hi Suze, No I'm not on meds or even diagnoed - its the start of my journey to knowing what on earth is causing these blasted symptoms - kind of everything and nothing at the same time, and the energy levels (or absence) is perhaps the most frustrating, especially the mental 'fuzziness' which is particularly galling. I've been given a copy of the eat right 4 your type book by a friend and was quite dismissive of it...before I read it, which I did today. The author is the 1st to say its not a 'cure all' but a substantial piece of the jigsaw to overall health for the individual, and a lot of the potential issues listed for my group are spot on in my case. I am going to give it a try for a few weeks and see if I notice any improvement in things. Fingers crossed!


It's not entirely clear whether you are on thyroid medication or not. I'm guessing you aren't.

TSH is not especially high or low in the range. Both T4 and T3 are quite low, but not out of range.

Antibodies are within range too, meaning autoimmune disease is not indicated at this stage.

So if you're looking for a diagnosis, you're unlikely to get one, and it's worth considering other causes for your symptoms.

If you're already diagnosed and looking for a dose increase, then the info mentioned by Suze in the book by Dr Toft is definitely worth taking to show to your GP.


Hi, thanks for this - I think there may be other factors at work here too, which in a way is a good result even though its not a definite to be able to then deal with. As mentioned to Suze, I've been surprisingly convinced by a lot of the info in the eat right 4 your type book, although I was prepared to scoff at it when I first opened it, and might see how things go if I try to follow at least some of the advice in it....we'll see!


I am assuming that you are not diagnosed and not on treatment. Your TSH is in the bottom quarter of the normal range and so is your FT4 (thyroxine). This can sometimes indicate a problem. It could be that the TSH is slow to rise.

You have no antibodies so it could be that you are low in iron or ferritin or tyrosine as these are all needed to make thyroxine. Also check your B12 levels. Make sure that you are well in the range with all of these.

If you are on levothyroxine, then it doesn't seem that it is being absorbed properly. If this is the case, Suze has given some good advice.


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