Thyroid problems and repeated throat infections?

Hello again,

Well, for anyone reading this who may not have read my previous blogs, I am awaiting an appointment (next week) with the endo doctor to discuss my treatment and I also have an appointment with the endo surgeon mid March, presumably to carry out a biopsy and to discuss any possible surgery on my goitre.

However, I have got myself stressed a little because I woke up this morning to yet another infected throat, which has steadily worsened throughout the day and seems to be full blown tonsillitis, this is the second bout of tonsillitis I've had in 3 weeks. This doesn't seem right to me. I just seem to have had a bad throat now since the end of January and as you do, I worry in case this is something other than a thyroid condition. Can I ask if anyone else has suffered from repeat throat infections like this because this can also be a sign of leukaemia and to be honest, I am worried to death about it. Help anyone?

Thank you, Caz xx

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I often have a sore throat but I wouldn't say it was infected, just sore. I have always put this down to my thyroid but I have never been told that this is definitely the cause.

Thank you

Caz I am sorry I cannot answer your question. Do you have a 'walk in' clinic you could visit in order to have someone look at your throat. They may be able to give you something to relieve it until you see the Endo.

I can understand your worry because instead of improving, other symptoms are appearing which are making you feel so unwell.

Best wishes

Thank you. I am just taking painkillers and using a throat spray. I don't want anti-biotics as they will be the third course I've had this year. My endo appointment is in 5 days, I'm hoping it won't get any worse between now and then. If it does, yes there is a 'walk in' clinic and I will definitely go. Thank you for your reply. Caz

I am hypo' and I always have a sore throat. I have a sore throat now!

Yes I've had constant catar and a sore throat for weeks .usually it wears off as day goes on .my neck is stiff too .every morning I cough up plem and get complaints at work .as day goeson I get dry tickle and tired hourse voice .just put it down to thyroid like all other things .sometimes food goes down wrong way or drink too.

I get constant sore throats as well it does get worrying even now my neck looks horrendous with swollen glands x

I used to have tonsillitis all the time when i was a teenager and had so many antibiotics, which can't have been so good for me! had tonsils out in the end-which apparently decreases blood supply to thyroid. I think bad throats are typical of thyroid disease.

Had tonsillitis at least twice a year before I had sub-total thyroidectomy. Seem to be able to ward it off with Strepsils if I am quick enough taking them now. Don't really feel that Strepsils are strong enough to ward off a full-blown attack of tonsillitis, so suppose it has just improved with age and removal of most of thyroid gland.

I've had a sore throat now for over 4 months - to start with it was just when I woke up, but then, steadily, over the next few months, it was there all day - nothing horrendous like 'swallowing sharp knives' but I was conscious of it. I haven't had my tonsils taken out.

Spoke to my GP about this after the two months, when it wasn't happening every day, & again at my last blood tests results for my underactive thyroid. Fast track appointment with ENT Consultant resulting in MRI & CT scans this Monday, and a biopsy under general anaesthetic on Friday. Tonsils came up in the conversation with the Consultant.

Won't know until after the biopsy exactly what is going on, but please everyone, do see your GP about this, if you do have on going problems with sore throats. At least it'll be on your records should it keep happening.

Helen x

This sounds very familiar I've got Hashi's, and yes I too have a constant sore throat or mild ear ache and a really irritating cough all the time .Just been diagnosed with post nasal drip. And given a nasal spray but it's steroid based and I am reluctant to use it a lot. Did have flu back in December but just not been right since. Has anyone got any idea what can cure this if anything. Drinking ginger tea. Which doesn't seem to make much difference. Taking multi vit supplement too. Think the vits have cheered me up a bit. Any suggestions would be helpful . Thank goodness for this site and all of you , otherwise very on my own with all of this. Husbands sick of me having new symptoms all the time, (not surprised) he is quite poorly with other more logical illness's too..

Hi there.....I don't think it is related with other disease but just a happens when you don't take a good care of your diet and start eating fast foods and all...though doctors say you can have everything but I don't think so.I am diagnosed with hypothyroidism and most often when I have foods in cafe then automatically the Pain starts.There are certain foods which we(thyroid patient) can't consume. If you don't care now then m quite sure it will ruin the very disease and will lead to a thyroid cancer..

I hope everybody understands it's a dangerous disease

ariastyles where do you get your information from please? Frankly you do seem to talk a lot of nonsense.


While eating in cafés or eating fast food may cause you discomfort diet will not usually cause sore throat in hypothyroid patients. Hypothyroid patients can eat any food they like although it is probably better to avoid all forms of unfermented soy which is thyroid unfriendly and may be an endocrine disruptor. Please do not scaremonger. Having hypothyroidism or eating a poor diet does not cause thyroid cancer. For many people having thyroid cancer is what causes hypothyroidism.

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