Anyone else have throat problems and/or stomach acid with underactive thyroid?

As well as nausea most days I also constantly feel like my throat is not right, does anyone else have issues with their throat ? I would like to hear from you, just want to feel like what I am experiencing is 'normal' for people with an underactive thyroid. Also I wonder if some of the nausea I feel is because of stomach acid, possibly brought on by the stress of feeling so yuk, does this ring any bells with anyone else. I visited my doctor yesterday, told her I feel nauseas still and not well but she did not seem concerned, should I worry?

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  • I have trouble with stomach acid, at one point I was being sick on a regular basis but it is easier now. I take Lansoprazole , but try not to take it regularly. It's important to see your doctor and check there's no other cause. A lot of people with thyroid problems have suffered at one time or other with acid. As for throat problems I do find food gets stuck in my throat, and I have a choking feeling too. Not sure whether that is thyroid related, but I do know the Thyroid gland can swell inwards as well as outwards. Get it checked out to be safe.

  • Please get this checked out properly. You may be developing a condition call Barratt's oesophagus. This is manageable but needs to be monitored regularly. My dad has this and is actually very well now but has regular checkups to make sure it doesn't progress. He is on similar medication to your for it. It tends to be caused by gastric reflux.

    Also make sure you get your magnesium and b vitamin levels checked regularly as lansoprazole can cause deficiencies and there has actually been a new government warning about this.

    Hopefully it is nothing and just thyroid annoyance :)

    Carolyn x

  • Thank you. I will check out that condition and will keep an eye on my symptoms. I am not taking lansoprazole, only on levothyroxine and HRT tablets

  • Sorry that was a reply to Wednesday about the lansoprazole. The rest is for both of you. I was trying to find you a link on low stomach acid before responding to you but I can't find it :/

  • I too have throat problems forever clearing my throat have hoarse voice too also nauseas most of the time

    Pat x

  • Hi Wednesday,

    I recommend you get the food being stuck and occasional choking checked out as soon as you can, especially if it happens regularly, your loosing weight with it or are unable to eat doughy food.

    There are many conditions of the food pipe that can cause these symptoms, some can be serious and some can be easily treated.

    Carolyn B has mentioned simular advice.

    I would take the Lanzoprazole regularly until you are checked out.


  • Thank you for the advice, I am seeing my gp next week so will mention it.

  • Rather than telling doctors your clinical symptoms, I think we would be better throwing a dice as the result would be the same. A game of chance.

    With hypothyroidism we usually have low stomach acid and as the symptoms are so similar to high acid, the GP usually prescribes antacids when we actually need more acid. I take Betaine/Pepsin at each meal (particularly protein which needs acid to dissolve it otherwise it can lead to more problems). The GP prescribed antacid for me and I suffered even more pain for two days then switched to Betaine/Pepsin and have been fine since.

    Some also find taking Apple Cider Vinegar in juice or water at meals helps too.

  • Thank you so much for this link re low stomach acid and "Stop the Thyroid Madness". I have posted before about struggling to get my Ferritin and D3 to decent ranges. I am now wondering if low stomach acid might be the reason that I can't get my levels up. I have been to the shops and bought some Apple Cider Vinegar. Fingers crossed it helps :)

  • Please remember to dilute the ACV as it is strong. If you either drink most of it before and the rest after a meal, or sip it during meal.

    It works quite well for a lot of people. I think I mentioned too that I take a Betaine/Pepsin tablet after a meal.

  • I have diluted it quite a bit as it tastes so strong! Do you also take it first thing when you take the Thyroxin? So far I have had a glass yesterday and today when I am taking supplements.

  • Just take it with meals and Thyroxine with 1 glass of water first thing and don't eat for approx 1 hour. If you have a blood test for your Thyroid hormone, miss levo and take after (blood test should be as early as possible). If you've eaten you have to leave 2 hours either side of levo so that food doesn't interfere with the uptake. Supplements/other medications should be taken 4 hours apart from levo.I

    I think I prefer to take Betaine/pepsin tablets but the aim of either AVC or tablets is that it enables our protein to be dissolved as it cannot do so efficiently if we are low acid.

  • Thanks Shaws :) I think I might try the Betaine/pepsin as well especially if I am out and about

  • It's very important to have stomach acid as a depletion can also cause us not to absorb Vitamin B12 which can then cause other problems. B12 is actually a hormone rather than a vitamin and it has neurological affects if low.

  • Hi judburke - just reading a post of yours from two months ago. Did you have the test for Hashimotos ?

  • I haven't had it done yet. I have had some bad issues recently with Ferritin levels and Vit D so I have been focussing on getting them up. My Ferritin had dropped from 82 to 33 :( which meant that I have been feeling quite rough. I need to man up and force my doctor to do more tests/refer me to someone who is a bit more knowledgable. Thanks of the reminder that I need to get this moving again :)

  • Hi.

    The throat problems could be because of reflux, especially as you are getting nausea. This is often caused by LOW stomach acid which Is very common in hypothyroidism. I was looking for a link but I can't find the one I found most helpful. If it continues it is a good idea to get it checked out properly.

    If your thyroid is swollen it can cause swallowing problems and nausea too.

    You mention that you are on HRT. Could this be contributing? Unfortunately I don't know much about this aspect but someone else might be able to help.

    I you may not be on enough thyroxine. It would be good to get some recent blood test results with reference ranges. A small increase in thyroxine might be all that is needed to reduce your symptoms

    I hope you get to the bottom of this soon.

    Carolyn x

  • I get a weird sensation in my throat like its being slightly pressed but it comes and goes. I'd read on here somewhere its when your thyroid is struggling a bit. Makes sense to me and gave me some reassurance. I'll worry when it's permenant....

  • I occasionally get a tenderness on one side of the throat ,happened this week but vanished within a day.

  • Really, the only problem I have with my throat is constant throat cataah (sp?) I'm always clearing it and sometimes I feel as if I'll damage it.

    However I remember my mother was always clearing hers too so maybe it's normal for me.

    I have mentioned it to doctors in the past but they haven't been at all concerned so I decided nothing could be wrong.

    On very rare occasions I feel there's a lump stopping me swallowing properly, but it is only rare and I put it down to anxiety of some kind that I don't know about yet.

    But I tend to know/feel/dream when things are going to happen, especially in the News which is weird, so I always think it's probably that.

    The worst one was 911, I dreamed about that a week before it happened!

  • Thank you Carolyn B I have had a endoscopy and they said it was acid reflux, but will keep an eye on my symptoms

  • Hi,

    When I was very stressed and struggling to get my thyroid controlled, I was so nauseated, bloated, indigestion and generally not nice poo ( sorry if too much detail ☺️)I was miserable and felt awful. A friend suggested it could be irritable bowel which a GP also suggested.

    I started taking high dose healthy bacteria ( I'm not near the bottle so can't give you the details)to get my gut flora back in health. I haven't looked back. I get mine from Holland and Barrett, strawberry or blueberry flavoured. They are marvellous.

    You may have oseophagitis, which is an inflammed food pipe due to acid reflux which can if left untreated for a longer period can lead to Barrets oesophagus. It really is worth getting checked out properly as underlying courses can often be treated simply, but stress can make us produce excess acid. As an instant relief Gaviscon liquid can help simmer down the acid and sooth the food pipe.

    Sometimes restoring the balance in the gut is all it takes. I noticed a difference quite quickly.

    I hope this helps.


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