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Recurrent throat infections...thyroid related?

Hi, I'm sorry to ask so many questions, I just don't know what is happening to my body at the moment, and whether I should be asking my GP to look at other causes.

I keep getting dreadful throat infections, I'm just finishing up a course of antibiotics for the worse bout of tonsilitis I've ever had. My voice is so raw and croaky all of the time, and this damn dry mouth isn't helping. I've been using biotene gel for the last couple of days, and it does give short term relief. This morning, I've woken up with my throat hugely inflamed again, so painful, and mucus in the back of my mouth (sorry, I know that's grim). I've had a post nasal drip for a couple of years, so constantly swallowing, and feel like my throat is blocked.

My GP doesn't seem interested, because I have fibromyalgia, I guess he just sees it as me being run down and prone to everything, but I feel so ill! I can't go on like this! My bloods (T4) are only minimally changed, so I don't know whether these symptoms could be thyroid related? Does anyone else get this? When people say they felt dreadful before treatment, what exactly did you feel like? Tired, or ailing? Thanks x

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My private gp said my tonsilitus was related because my thyroid/ throat area was my natural weak point.

I am one of the cynics who believes there is no such thing as CFS and fibromyalgia, only ineffectively treated thyroid disease. Suspect if you were adequately medicated, you would "miraculously" become well

You probably have chronic neutropaenia as I do - (overlooked by the nhs of course) picked up by private GP. He explained that when you have several autoimmune diseases this can happen because your whole system is under attack. Neutrospaenia means you have low resistance and will be very prone to picking up infections.

Suggest you get your own thyroid tests done to include tsh, t3, t4. You cannot possibly manage your thyroid on t4 results alone since t3 is the active hormone. not t4.


Hi, thanks for your reply. These were my results at the end of March. I am due to see an endo privately and I'm really hoping she thinks beyond bloods...

TSH 3.33 range 0.27-4.2

FT4 10.3 range 12.0-22.0

T3. 4.6 range 3.1-6.8



I also had vitamins tested...

Ferritin 31.0 ug/L ( 5-148)

B12 388 pg/ml (191-946)

Folate 5.5 ng/ml. (4.6-18.7)



Your tsh is high for starters. Many people need to be v low in the range to feel well - or like me, have a suppressed tsh to feel well.

You are in the low end on all the others, my b12 was higher than your with undiagnosed pernicious anaemia. Strongly suggest you start supplementing on everything asap. You need ferritin of at least 90 for proper thyroid function.

Ask the endo if you can trial a higher dose - if he/she says no, strongly suggest taking control yourself as many of us have done. It is criminal the way people miss out on life because of the incompetence of GPs. I will never get back the years i lost; so glad nhs no longer has control over me - i self med with ndt. Best thing i ever did


I've been poorly for 5 years, and last year had to give up work and in turn my home, because I could no longer keep it up with the level of fatigue and ill health. I'm now, at 37, back living with my parents and getting £73 a week benefits, and barely existing from day to day. In a way, I would be delighted to find out it was untreated hypothyroidism, because the CFS and Fibro diagnoses leave me with no hope of a future because both are untreatable. I'm hoping this endo sees the state I've been reduced to, where there are days when I can hardly lift my head from the pillow. I certainly have no problem with self medicating if it comes to that, as long as I can afford to.

In terms of vulnerability to illness, I'm told my blood counts and immune system are 'fine', but have been twice hospitalised with meningitis and encephalitis in the last 10 years, which is pretty unusual!

Thanks for all the advice, it's shocking you have all been let down by the NHS in this way, I'm quite sure it will go the same way for me. Looking forwards to reading your post Sheenah x


I completely agree!! I am in the process of writing a lengthy letter to a doctor in my practice - or should I more precisely say - AN ALLOPATHIC PRACTITIONER - who has not had anything to do with my recent rumpus to very articulately present my case. Also, I will be pointing out that they need to learn maths. I will explain this in a post tomorrow XX Don't rely on "Doctors" - most of them don't seem to be able to read and if they can they don't have time!!


Oooohh, I'm looking forward to that letter! It might help with mine ;-)


excuse me if im being thick but what is post nasal drip?


It's where mucus never gets as far as your nose (ie doesn't run down the nose so you can't blow it), and instead, everything drains down the throat. It's quite disgusting, particularly during a cold x


oh shiny that sounds so gross.


It is!! Repulsive x


Your t4 is below range eventhough your tsh is in range has your gp not picked up on this? You definitely need more levo (or levo to begin with if your not currently treated) no wonder you are picking up infection after infection i was the same before treatment and in the early stages of treatment.


Hi, no I'm not on any treatment. My GP says he can't treat because TSH is in range, even though he concedes I am symptomatic and could probably benefit from levo. It all rests with the endo. It's good to hear this could be why I catch any bug going, because it gives me hope for the future even if I self-medicate. Thanks x


Yes I was plagued with flu, colds, coughs and dreadful mouth ulcers. I lurched from one infection to the next. I was very poorly indeed by the time my hypothyroidism was diagnosed but once I took levothyroxine the colds etc stopped completely. I have had one cold that lasted a day in 2.5 years since I got treatment. I still felt very poorly with the hypo when my TSH was 6 and feel best when it is suppressed but my GP insists on a lower dose but keeps the TSH below 1. I am not great on Levo but It certainly put a stop to the ENT infections. I do not believe in ME or Fibromyalgia either I think they are actually hypothyroidism. I think your problems have everything to do with being under medicated. Oddly, even a very low dose of thyroxine stopped my infections, when my TSH number was still sky high.

I hope things get better for you very soon - it is totally grim going from one grotty illness to another and I am so sorry that you have suffered such dreadful calamities because of it, but you will get excellent advice here to get you back on the right track :-)


I have constant what would be tonsilitis if they hadn't been eaten away by regular infections over the years. The Dr will now not give me antibiotics readily because they can't see the spots! It's a living hell and living on painkillers can't be helping!


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