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Chronic throat pain

I'm in so much pain right now, I've had this throat pain on and off for years. Only way I can describe it is like tonsillitis, I had tonsillitis every few weeks for months about 15 years ago and I've had this feeling for at least the last 7.

I am hypo and I have hashis. I feel better some days then seem to crash like this, joints hurt, head hurts, throat is awful.

Is this just a hypo issue or does anything else jump out as a prob? GP says she can't see any infection.

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I have had something similiar......mine was caused by indigestion....which I didn't realise I suffered from....the stomach acid had burnt the vocal chords....I went to ENT and they put a camera down through my nose to see......looking inside my mouth no infection or redness could be seen and I had had a sore throat for two years....six weeks of Davison morning and night have erased the pain.

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I'd never considered an allergy? Davison?? What's that?

Did you feel really unwell with it? It always corresponds with me feeling very poorly/symptomatic.


does s/he mean gaviscon?


That would make sense.


Ditto! I kept losing my voice too which is understandable with the burnt voice box! Apparently a high % of the population don't know they have reflux as they have no symptoms or don't recognise them. Omeprizole has helped but optimum thyroid meds is vital. Another clue is a phlegmy cough after you have eaten.


It sounds a bit glandular feverish. Have you had it?

I had something similar for decades. A herbalist thought it was stress, a GP prescribed Valium (this was a long time ago!) Eventually it was investigated properly, and nothing could be found.

There's something called - mind has gone blank - it's what @willowland has suggested, I think. Laryngeal something reflux. LPR??



If it is not your nasal passage being blocked or an allergy then I'd guess it's a side effect of being hypo. ( or both the last two)

Lots of patients have it. Sore throats sinus infections etc.

Try adaptagens like elderberry and cats claw. And use organic apple cider vinegar- diluted to swill your mouth and throat. Works a treat and no side effects. All can be used continually. I tried it and it makes such a difference.

Good luck x


It's Gaviscon! My kindle must have spell corrected. It's worth a try......It wasn't until three weeks of taking the Gaviscon that I started to feel a slight improvement ....now seven weeks later I still get the occasional pain in my throat generally because I have forgotten to take it.


You have to be careful with thyroid meds and gaviscon don't you?


Are you on steroid inhalers for asthma? I had a very painful throat and it turned out to be thrush due to that. Anti fungal lozenges solved it for me.


No, not asthmatic. I do get thrush a lot though


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