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Overactive thyroid v Underactive thyroid?

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Well, been to see my doctor today for the results of my recent blood tests and she tells me I'm borderline for OVERACTIVE thyroid, not underactive! (level is 7.5)

I am really confused now, because many of my symptoms are typical of the underactive variety, unexplained weight gain which is difficult to lose, intollerance to cold, not heat, tendonitis in my heels etc. It seems that my other symptoms are a symptom of both, anxiety, rapid heart rate, joint pain, fatigue etc. Just wish I knew what was wrong with me!

I have my hospital appointment with a specialist on 27th February, my doctor said he may or may not give me medication, it depends whether he feels that I need it????

I am also waiting for an appointment to see a surgeon who is going to take a biopsy of the goitre even though the scan revealed nothing sinister. I'm told I can also discuss with him whether surgery to remove it is available. My GP thinks perhaps not as it's only classed as small (3cm) although this is distressing me because I feel like I'm choking if I am laying on my back, it's also causing me to cough as I feel like there is something lodged in my throat which my body is trying to expel. Has anyone else here got these problems which they can share with me and give me some advice please?

9 Replies
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Hi ppcaz555 - please can you confirm what test result was 7.5? If that was your TSH, then that would suggest under active (hypo), not over active (hyper). Xx

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Under and over..... Sounds like hashimotos... Have you had an antibody test?

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You would not be the first patient in whom a HIGH TSH was interpreted by a doctor as indicating HYPERTHYROIDISM. (In anything other than rare cases, a high TSH indicates HYPOTHYROIDISM.)

Please, please get a printed copy of your test results. Have a look here:


A goitre which is causing distress most certainly is something that needs attention.


Good morning i too have all of these symptoms,but had the op to remove my goitre in 1982.I was told that i would not have to take meds but 3 months after op went onto thyroxine..I have spent many years feeling tired run down joints aching,this has made me feel quite depressed.My blood tests come back borderline but i know that sometimes i need to up my dose to feel better in myself. Been through the menopause so that hasnt helped.The article on school milk in the 60s really disturbed me,saying that nuclear testing could have affected milk .I would be one of those children,because i could never find the cause of having this at the age of 18.Good luck to all those out there that feel like i do that everyday life is a struggle, and hope we get the right treatment to live a happy life.!

When my TSH was first shown to be elevated the nurse in the hospital asked me if I ever felt hot at all, mistaking a raised TSH for a symptom of being hyper, thus an opportunity to diagnose hypothyroidism was missed and it took my own research to find out that I was hypo not hyper. The doctors said nothing. It was a physiotherapist who was looking over my test results, puzzled by my weird aches and pains, that pointed it out the raised TSH to me. No one, including my own GP, had said anything about it. Get a copy of your test results and post them on here.

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No such thing as borderline!! Thats like being a little bit diabetic or a tiny bit pregnant!!

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I was hyper then diagnosed with Graves had radioactive iodine now both hyper and hypo as consultant can't get me level as sensitive to thyroxine amount so going up and down like a to to why can't they fit the meds to the patient like in the rest of Europe and America and not the other way around???

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Should read yo yo above lol

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I too have a goitre and I'm scheduled for thyroidectomy in a weeks time. I really wish there was a way to shrink them without surgery. I too feel like something is pressing on my windpipe. I have always had a low tSH although not any other hyper symptoms but I always feel tired and cold.

I had several biopsies and ultrasounds and ct scans. Maybe you should ask for these too?

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