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Thyroid Antibodies and Miscarriages

This is an interesting article in preventing miscarriages women with thyroid antibodies. It is of interest to me because my endo mentioned this exact treatment. I will be seeing him again in two week to discuss this treatment. By then I'll hopefully be ready to conceive again after my miscarriage.

Is there anybody out there that has had success on this treatment?

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Hi Orangepie,

Your wee girl is beautiful. I love reading your journey and I'm sure you are helping so many people by sharing it. 

Take care,



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Thank you so much. I'm so glad you are following my journey. It's amazing I've only just started the blog but I can see in my stats people all over the world are starting to view it. I really hope and pray I have a success story soon so I can of motivation and help...

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Dear Orangepie,

I am so sorry about your recent loss and ALL your losses. I was following your posts and was really praying for you that everything would work out.

Thank you so much for posting the above article. I would also like to try this protocol as I am hoping to do IVF in a couple of months and I also have Hashimotos. I will ask my endo about this at my appointment next week and let you know what he says.

I just had a look at your blog and see that you were told that your TSH was 'within range' at 2.84! Apparently it needs to be between 1 and 2!!!! So your doctor should have upped your levothyroxine just based on that!

It seems to me that it MUST be important to lower the TPO & TG antibodies as well as lowering the TSH. Have you considered a gluten & dairy free diet at this is supposed to help. I am doing that now.

Another thing which is supposed to help lowering the antibodies is LDN (Low dose naltexone) - do a search on this website for more info. I am considering this if diet fails!

Best of luck!

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Hi , the last time i checked my TSH when I got pregnant on levothyroxine it was 1.73 so they were ok with that. But I did miscarry at TSH of 2.84 and 1.73. So I think it's the antibodies which are the culprits.

I am glad you are following my posts. Feeling a bit down as this process of miscarriage has been long this time . I am waiting until my next cycle arrives and hopefully I will be starting the new treatment as in the article in 2 weeks.

I will let you know how I get on and will update my blog.

I am trying naturally but endo said it will be the same protocol as IVF. Did you ever get pregnant naturally. If so, did you miscarry too?

I tried that gluten free two days but my gp and endo did not see the point in it and I think the medications will work better for me. I hope you get on well with it. I found it very hard :s

Thanks I will research that. Also I tried selenium too I have read and on the bottle it said supports immune system and thyroid function.


Hello, I have been looking at your blog with interest. I am struggling to even conceive in the first place with treated hypothyroidism and antibodies of >1300. No one really seems to take this seriously as a reason for my infertility apart from fertility doc who wants me to go through IVF with steroids to calm this down. Anyway, enough of me. Really I came on to say that I have been spending time on infertility message boards in relation to this problem.

This is an interesting thread if you go back to the beginning or even post a question on there the lovely ladies will answer with their experiences. A lot of women on here have recurrent miscarriages and raised antithyroid antibodies. They seem to have had success through Dr Shehata who I think is down South somewhere.

Good luck with your journey!


Hi . Thank you for the reply. This link you provide is it a private clinic? It is probably very costly. I tried private IUI which was a silly mistake as I seem to get pregnant naturally.

Thanks for the mumsnet link I will check it out. Yes I was told steroids too. Mine is so mildly elevated as it's 109 compare to most women like yourself but it can still have a impact.But my new blood test results will be revealed on monday very interested to see. I hope IVF works for you , have you ruled out everything else?


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