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Infections cause setbacks?

I was diagnosed with hypo and Hashimotos in June after suffering what I though was flu. Long story, familiar to many, of tortured route to diagnosis, but my gp seemed to know what he was on about when he rang me in the evening of the same day I had my tsh etc checked and told me it was over 100 and needed immediate treatment, and for life. Do you know, I almost cried with relief because I was beginning to think I had something "even" worse!!!

Anyway, I am now on 125mg of levo and feel generally so much better, but a week ago I started with a sore throat and had a vomiting attack overnight, which I assume may have been norovirus, as the rest of the family have suffered the same. I rapidly descended into what I call my hypo state, headache, neck and shoulder pain, back ache, no appetite, brain fog etc. etc. I managed to get an appointment with the nurse practitioner (it is near impossible to see a gp, I have yet to be seen since my diagnosis, everything has been telephone consultation) for my conjunctivitis, after being told to see a pharmacist for my sore throat (now 6 days in duration) by the receptionist. I insisted on being seen as I knew a pharmacist would not prescribe for conjunctivitis, which I suffer fairly frequently having very dry eyes all the time. My husband drove me to the appointment as I felt very unwell. I was given treatment for the conjunctivitis and nystan for my throat. Both, thankfully, seem to be resolving now and I am starting to feel less wretched.

Forgive the long, convoluted story, but I wanted to ask if catching bugs, viruses, bacterial infections etc. usually result in a set back with the hypothyroidism? Is it to do with the autoimmune aspect? I feel silly asking as I am a retired health visitor and am ashamed to say had comparitively little knowledge of hypothyroidism prior to my own diagnosis.


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Hi Chris

It's quite common to suffer from recurrent infections when dealing with thyroid problems. It can be due to your adrenals trying compensate for lack of thyroid function as they do work in synergy together.

I have been supplementing with high dose Vit C, High dose B12 methycobalamin, Vit D(helps thyroid hormones) and magnesium all to bowel tolerance. I have to say I used to catch everything going and my health issues are complicated, but I have managed to keep various bugs at bay for the past 4years which has made life so much easier as I don't spends months trying to get over infections.

Get well soon!


Thanks for your prompt reply. I was prescribed vitD by my gp. My b12 was low and I have been supplementing, even though this was ignored by gp. I take many other supplements too, multi B vits, selenium, sea kelp, calcium magnesium with zinc and vitamin K2, all of which I have learnt about on this wonderful forum. I am also gluten free and use lacto-free milk, all of which helps with my digestive problems. Prior to being diagnosed hypo I was prescribed Lansaprosol for excess stomach acid. I now realise it was more than likely lack of stomach acid causing my digestive problems! I will try vit C too. Thank you.

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Chriskisby If you have Hashimoto's (autoimmune thyroid disease) I suppose it might be connected. Were your antibodies tested and came back positive for Hashi's?

Or you just might need to boost your immune system.

It would be a good idea to test

Vit D




We always suggest this as they're frequently low in hypo patients and need supplementing to optimal levels.

Lots of Vit C daily for us Hypos too, it supports the adrenals. Dr Peatfield recommends 2000mg a day, some of us take more. A garlic supplement will help boost your immune system too, I take Allicinmax which contains Allicin (the active part).

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Thanks to you for your reply. I was tested for all,of the above and told they were normal. I know they were not as I managed to get a copy of one set of reults. It is a constant battle with the receptionist to get copies of my results, I have to get permission from the gp, apparently, each time I want a copy! I have spoken to the nurse practitioner and requested it be put on my records that I can have a copy every time I have a blood test, as is my legal right under the data protection act, without asking the gp every time. It feels too much like hard work chasing these things up all the time, but I am determined to get them routinely! I was told I had Hashi's, by the way.

I will try the vitC. Thanks for your support.

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If you want to post your vitamin and mineral results, members can comment on your levels and suggest if you may need to supplement, if not already.

For your Hashi's, not sure if you already know but in case you don't, adopting a gluten free diet has helped many members. Gluten contains gliadin (a protein) which is thought to trigger autoimmune attacks so eliminating gluten can help reduce these attacks. Also, supplementing with selenium L-selenomethionine 200mcg daily is supposed to help reduce the attacks, as is keeping TSH very low or suppressed. I'm pretty sure your GP, like most, wont know any of this.


Thanks. I don't have my actual results, just given verbally. I am gluten free and take selenium. I have ordered cider vinegar too to help with indigestion and lack of stomache acid.


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