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What Blood Tests to ask for?

I wonder if you good people can offer me some advice?

I am about to have my review blood tests for my cancer follow-up (TT for Follicular Stage II in 2010) but as I'm feeling pants I am going to ask for a blood test to check everything else.

My endo has been reducing my dose every 6 months for the last 2 years as he wants my T4 to be well in range but I have been slowly feeling more and more under the weather as he does this. These are my last results from 2012 (which he says are ideal)

TSH(0.27 - 4.2) - 0.01

T4(12 – 22) - 19.1

T3(3.1 - 6.8) - 4.1

My current blood test is asking for just Thyroglobulin, TSH and T3... but I'm going to add T4 to this too.

I also want to see where my B12 is and calcium (I lost 2 parathyroids in the surgery) and as the RAI put me into menopause I guess I should get these hormones checked but I dont know which ones specifically I should be asking for?

What am I forgetting? Is there something else that I should ask for?

All ideas welcome - many thanks!

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vitamin D?



Also a Full Blood Count - to check out how the land lies.



Probably not relevant in your case but for anyone else wondering what to ask for when needing thyroid bloods done I would say get your thyroid antibodies checked.


thanks for the replies folks. I'm going to see my GP this week to ask for the additional tests... and to ask if I can change endo's too!


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