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what blood tests should I ask for


Hello again everyone, well to cut to the chase. I was diagnosed hypo about 4.5 years ago (after being unwell for the previous few years). After 18 months on T4 I managed to persuade my GP to let me trial T3 as well as T4 (75mgT4/20mgT3)- almost immediate result - began to feel I was getting some semblance of my life back. However January this year GP says no longer able to prescribe T3 as our health authority has changed (I believe the GPs are now responsible for spending etc) Over the past few months my energy is just disappearing I've gone from 100mgT4 to 150mgT4 and actually feel worse!! I think my GP feels his hands are tied re prescribing, he has agreed I should see the endo - but i'm not too hopeful ((. I've decided I need to go to see him this week and ask for blood tests - so please help me What should I ask to get tested? I've got permanent joint pain, my legs feel cold, etc etc........... Your help much appreciated Jeannie x

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If the GPs are responsible for spending, they surely are responsible for refusing to spend on your medicine!

That shows one of the very great difficulties in the same person/people wearing the hats of doctor and accountant.


You can use Dr Toft's reference to the use of T3 for the endo if all else fails - and do get to the endo, most GPs do as endos recommend. Dr Toft is a past president of the British Thyroid Association, wrote BMA booklet "Understanding thyroid disorders": £5 from chemists/Amazon.

P 46 in chapter entitled Underactive thyroid.

"...some patient do not achieve the sense of well-being expected even if a little extra thyroxine is taken, which results in a low rather than a normal TSH level.

If you are one of this small group of patients, there is some evidence, which needs to be confirmed, that a combination of thyroxine and the other thyroid hormone, T3 (triodothyronine) may be beneficial.

If you change to this combined treatment, the dose of thyroxine should be reduced by 25-50 micrograms and half a tablet (10 mcg) of T3 also known as liothyronine, added."

Look like your FT3 should be tested, and maybe your rT3 also. a competent endo will test the T3 without doubt as you used to be on it and improved thereby.

I do not agree however that the GP is entitled to arbitrarily change your medication when it has obviously improved your health, he or she is now responsible for your deteriorating condition. You might not know that if you list in writing your symptoms consequent upon the removal of T3 since January and require of the GP that the list be put on your file they have no option but to include it on your file. It will make GP think.

Hi and thank you for your advice. I don't have an apt date for endo yet so will try and get hold of the book you mentioned. I did see an endo before I persuaded my GP to let me trial T3 - the endo wrote me off as post menopausal/missing my son!!!! So I don't hold out too much hope. I have been given some good advice re sourcing my own T3 and may have to go that route Jeannie x

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email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org for names of sympathetic NHS Endos/private doctors. She is on holiday this week.

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Back now! :) x

Was only the weekend, for the sponsored walk! :)


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Thanks Louise.

I think you should have had the week off after your effort.

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