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Using natural progesterone cream whilst on Levo

As we all seem to be, I am on what I suspect will be a long journey to feel better again. Currently diagnosed as underactive thyroid and have felt rubbish for 12 months, particularly with anxiety.

After an endo visit, various blood tests, a GP change and much crying...... I am due to go on a second endo visit in 3 weeks. In the meantime I am trying to understand if I am actually Hypothyroid or if I am entering perimenopause and its being mistaken.

Currently on 50mcg of Levo, having tried 100 and 75 - none of which made me feel better but much worse - culminating in panic attacks whilst on 75mcg.

I recently had my female hormones tested and my progesterone level came back as 1.8 (range 13-76). My Doctor checked where I was in my cycle and as it had only been a few days since my last cycle said it was probably normal.

Not been tested since (which I think it needs to be), so I am trying to find out that if I took it upon myself to purchase some natural progesterone cream, is it OK to take with Levo or could I do some harm?

Just lately I feel so rubbish that Im willing to try anything just so I can feel normal again and I suspect that my female hormones have a lot to answer for - its like im getting month long PMS and can't get a break!

Also getting a lot of numbness in my hands and arms lately with trouble breathing - just come on in the last 2 days and can't understand it.

Recently started a womens vitamin supplement and some Iron to try and get my ferritin level up as this was tested as 13 (range 10-210).

Any help anyone could give would be appreciated as I feel Im going mad, its affecting me at work and I just dont want to feel like this anymore.

Thanks a lot

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Well we can safely say your iron is too low and needs to be up in the 70's! You're like me: just in range but low low low!

I would suggest a decent iron supplement for then. I'm sure others on here can guide you with that choice. I take spatone..... But am unsure of its affectiveness at this stage.



Hi Poshbird

could I ask how old you are and where abouts in the perimenopausal cycle you are?

You are definetely hypothyroid based on your blood results and clinical symptoms. If your periods are irregular and you have excessive bleeding or even the opposite then you probably have low progesterone however this could be because your oestrogen is too high. Have you had both tested. Look up symptoms of high oestrogen.

If you are still having periods then you must only take the natural progesterone on days 14 to 28 this will then reflect the normal secretion of progesterone in your body-oestrogen stimulates the build of blood in the womb and progesterone triggers the release if there is no fertilisation.This could be why you had a period at the wrong time.

A lack of thyroid hormone will stop your cholesterol being converted into pregnenolone which in turn converts to progesterone which is necessary for LOTS of things besides your menstrual cycle. Is your cholesterol high?

I started on 50mcg of levo and increased by 25mcg every 3 weeks under a well known private dr. This is because of the feedback loop which still happens to me now 18 months later. You will feel worse after every increase but you have got to keep increasing as the thyroxine you are taking will supress your own thyroid and make you feel worse.If you stay at this dosage you will feel terrible as I can see from your blogs. If you have got the finances and your dr will give you a referral then go see Dr S.

The numbness and trouble breathing with panic attacks are classic symptoms especially when they seem to come out of nowhere however they can be made worse by your own panic.I have had them for many years and I am still here! I either hold my breath to increase the carbon dioxide or breathe into a bag a few times a day stop when you feel lightheaded.

Your diet of milk and grapes helps because t4 needs simple sugars to convert to t3. Try stay away from starches and polyunsaturated fats as these downregulate the thyroid although potatoes are good with lots of butter.

How are your potassium/sodium levels? Have these checked along with your vit D and have a full iron panel done. Vit c increases absoption of iron and caffeine blocks it.

If you are going to get your sex hormones tested then lay off the progesterone until you do.

Hope this helps




Thanks for replying.

I am 40 and normally have slightly irregular periods and they have also got lighter over the last 12 months.

As far as other results are concerned my last results were:

Potassium 4.1 (3.5-5.3)

sodium 142mm (133-146)

Oestradiol 244 (>0)

Cholesterol 4.5 (4.0-6.5)

Vit b12 1630ng (187-883)

Only thing never tested has been t3.

To be honest i am totally confused by this whole thing and having to find things out yourself instead of relying on a GP is really exhausting. All i can do is go by how and feel but when its awful all the time its hard. I started on 50mcg of levo and then my dr doubled my dose - it was far too high too soon as i felt like i was dying. Went down to 75mcg and was on that for around 7 months - still had anxiety, heart palps and slight twinges. Explained this to the endo and he told me that he thought i was sub-clinical, i could stop my medication and that i just had unrelated anxiety.

The only symptom i wanted was weight gain as im quite slim, i can put up with the hives, dry skin, aches etc but the anxiety is horrendous. I know that some of the symptoms im having are a knockon effect of the anxiety but as im not particularly anxoius about anything, its really irritating to feel this way constantly. I had read that being dominant in oestrogen could cause anxiety but maybe im clutching at straws.

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I too have suffered with horrible anxiety - panic attacks just before diagnosis and then horrible anxiety on thyroxin and, initially, Armour. Personally I think mine was due to low adrenals and excess adrenaline. Now that I have managed to raise to a reasonable level of Armour, all of these thing plus my vertigo and tingling (amongst others) are better.

I think you may have a problem with your adrenals too and possibly need some T3 as well as T4. It would be really useful, I think, to have your fT3 to be tested xx


This is a link re anxiety etc which can be remedied with appropriate thyroid hormones.

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I've been using progesterone cream for about 6 months to try to help with my menstrual migraines. I don't believe it can affect your thyroid condition or medication significantly.

After an unsuccessful start, I've actually had some success in the last couple of months and have been migraine free. I also suffer from numbness, and this tends to get worse at the start of my period. It has been a lot better the last couple of months too. Possibly a coincidence, or maybe the cream is having an effect? Thyroxine and oestrogen are thought to interact, so its possible that a change in hormone balance could affect thyroid status?

It sounds like you have a few things going on and may need a few tweaks to your treatment before you will feel very much better. I do hope you manage to find the right treatment for you.



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