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Ferritin and adrenal support

Hello I was wondering if anyone could kindly give me some advice.

I have been advised to take dr wilsons super adrenal stress formula, it has no bovine products in it (I didn't get on with NA) it's just full of different vitamins, I've not got this product. It says it has kelp in it but doesn't say what dose, it gives the dose of all the vitamins, and then at the bottom it has a blend of different things 150mg one of things is kelp. My nutritionist said it will be fine and actually does have hashi's herself, she is lovely and is very helpful, but I still feel uneasy taking the kelp. What are your views? I really do want to take it. Also can anyone suggest a supplement for improving ferritin levels? I'm taking spatone? Many many thanks x

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If you type "kelp" in the search box at the top of this page all the other questions people have asked on here regarding kelp will appear and could well give you your answers.

Moggie x


Thanks m if anyone's tried it it would be great to hear


I would not take a product which did not declare its content properly. That 150 mg of "Proprietary Blend" could have a huge range of, for example, iodine content. And that could vary dramatically from one batch to the next - without a declaration there is no need to maintain consistency.


Maybe elsewhere they do explain further...

Please note: That is not to say this product DOES vary, merely that inadequate labelling gives you no information or claims to which you could hold them if it were to vary.


Thank you. My heart and head were saying a different thing. My nutritionist recommended the product and hashi's herself. I've just spent £30 on this. Can anyone suggest a ferritin supplement?


There's a good summary here:


I use ferrous fumarate - - 2 X 210mg tablets per day which delivers 2 x 69 mg elemental iron. The amount you need will depend on how low your ferritin (and other measures of iron in the body) are. My ferritin level was 29 and the GP advised the 2 tab intake. NB be careful not to overdose. You can get it without a prescription at many chemists. It's easier on the tummy than ferrous sulphate. Spatone will be easier to absorb because it's a liquid, but the elemental iron content is very low.

Good luck!



Thanks xanthe I will get some ordered s xx


I thought I would just give some feedback - my nutritionist messaged dr wilsons and they have said kelp content less than 2% my nutritionist has hashimotos and has researched kelp thoroughly she feels me taken this for 3 months should be fine, maybe stupidly but with caution I'm going to give it a try s x


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