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Could Kelp replace thyroxine ? I have read contradictory opinions on whether people with Hashi's should take kelp. I am unable to tolerate T3 in any form, but did a trial of kelp for 2 weeks along with my Levo. After 2 weeks I became overmedicated (which always happened with T3, but much more quickly). I felt much more energetic when taking the Kelp. So, should I cut down my T4 and continue with the Kelp, or would I be best to keep the T4 table and add a smaller dose of Kelp. I am hypo - on 88.75/88.75/100/ Wockhardt thyroxine.


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  • Daffers,

    The basic materials required for making thyroid hormone are iodine and the amino acid, tyrosine. In iodination of tyrosine, an iodine atom binds with tyrosine to form monoiodotyrosine. The addition of another iodine atom forms diodotyrosine and finally, two diodotyrosine molecules combine to form thyroxine (T4).

    Your body contains only several milligrams of iodide, the ionic form of iodine, and much of this is concentrated in your thyroid gland. T4 has four molecules and one being removed for T3. (The other is recycled by the body and used to make further hormones).

    The iodine found in kelp is hugely important as such a big part of the T4 and T3 hormone make-up but in the UK we are rarely deficient and too much can alter thyroid function in a negative way. Have you actually been tested for iodine deficiency ? ? ..

    There is thought that additional supplemented iodine can raise TPOAb levels and selenium should be supplemented in order to balance the additional iodine and so preventing a Hashi attack.

  • Love it. radd rocks !


  • Radd, I think you must have qualified as a specialist :)

  • Radd

    Thank you for replying and giving such a clear explanation. I haven't been tested for iodine deficiency yet but Eddie83 (below) has suggested a route for some tests which I should clearly take before supplementing!

    Many thanks again - and for putting it in simple terms so I/we can all understand.

    Best wishes


  • There is a test for whole-body iodine sufficiency. It would be desirable to know your status before feeding your body lots more iodine from kelp. I had this test done thru Jorge Flechas, you could start by looking him up.

  • Thank you Eddie. I shall go and google him. As a matter of interest, were you deficient ? Hope you dont mind my asking, if you do - just ignore me!

  • It turned out that I was not deficient. That was helpful to know, because there is a chorus of iodine advocates out there who think everyone with a thyroid problem should take high-dose products like Iodoral. Would not have done me any good, since Hashimoto's (the leading cause of hypothyroid) had taken out my thyroid well before I took the iodine sufficiency test.

  • Could kelp replace thyroxine? Absolutely not. It isn't thyroid hormone. It's only one of the ingredients. It certainly can't replace T3, because it does not have the shape of a T3 molecule, and would therefore not fit into the cell receptors.

    You feel more energetic when you take kelp, because it is stimulating your thyroid. But, that will not last forever. You could, eventually, make yourself a lot worse by taking it.

    I think the question really is : why can't you tolerate T3? Perhaps you have nutritional deficiencies. Have you had your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested? These need to be optimal for your body to use thyroid hormone.

    Another question is : do you actually need T3? Do you know how well you convert? Have you had your FT4 and FT3 tested? If you convert badly, perhaps you have nutritional deficiencies...

  • Hello GG

    Thanks for your wise words. I now have a much better understanding of it all thanks to the responses. Yes I have had those regulars tested - and you are probably right, maybe I dont need it. When I saw Dr Peat a couple of years ago, he mentioned that my T3 was a little on the low side, and I suppose I've hung onto that as an explanation for low energy, low mood, etc. etc. and have really tried T3 in all its formats (except SR which I cant find ). I am about to have more blood tests so will post results and ask for advice then.

    Best wishes

  • You're welcome. :)

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