Can someone help me with the kelp dosing?

Can someone show me what a dose of sea kelp powder ( Hebridean sea kelp) looks like that is equivalent to 60 mcg of levothyroxine on a teaspoon? Can you recommend me some good kelp supporting nutrients that help the thyroid utilize it? In addition, can you recommend me something that helps remove the wee nippy sensation from iodine supplementation: I know milk helps but I'm dairy free and wonder if there is something else you can recommend that helps neutralise the wee nippy sensation! I don't have a severe allergy to iodine and can tolerate spirulina pretty well and nori seaweed too. I am aware that there are vits and other supplements that help with the kelp intake just need help with dosing, neutralising and vitamin types that help support kelp use! :) many thanks for reading! :)

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Sundayz Why are you wanting to supplement the with kelp? Have you had your iodine level tested and found to be deficient?

If not deficient then supplementing isn't a good idea for us Hypos and especially not if you have Hashi's. If you are deficient then supplementing is best under the guidance of an experienced practioner as it has to be balanced with selenium.

I've also read that an iodine supplement is better than kelp.


Kelp is high in iodine which is not recommended for hypothyroid patients and it may be detrimental to hypothyroid patients with Hashimoto's autoimmunity. No amount of kelp is equivalent to any dose of Levothyroxine. If you are taking 60mcg Levothyroxine you should be getting all the iodine you need from 60mcg plus your diet.

If you have Hashimotos then extra iodine in any form is definitely not a good idea.

If the recipe for vinaigrette is two tablespoons of olive oil to one tablespoon of vinager, and you don't put the vinager in, you don't have vinaigrette, you just have two tablespoons of olive oil. So, why do you think you can make thyroid hormone by taking just one of the ingredients? It makes no sense. You cannot substitute iodine for thyroxine, because there's something missing from the recipe. But, you can make yourself more hypo, and possibly trigger Hashi's by taking excess iodine. Why would you want to do that?

Godsake! Look! I just want straightforward answers!! No offence!! I'm really fed up!! My condition is dietary related! I've had all the tests done,don't have to explain a whole big trail! I've reduced meds 12 times via diet, I'm very aware of my bodies constitution: I'm aware of all the medical bias and bull big pharma rubbish,I'm not a know it,I'm just sick of it all:P like u all!...I don't need why and whats..end of!! I'm close to coming off my tiny,pip squeek dose: I don't have fancy measuring utensils,lab scales and I live in a place where doctors don't care! They are Pro big pharma, anti pig thyroid, anti t3 and pro t4! I'm bored and fed up of all thyroid scaremongering,Western medical system rubbish, etc. I just want someone to show me on a picture or if you know anywhere where I can get medical measuring scales that I can measure my own dose of kelp powder,I just want someone to show me what a 60mcg of levothyroxine equivalent dose of kelp powder looks like on a teaspoon as I don't have scales! I would love to have someone help me with the dosage! Supporting nutrients for kelp! Thank you!

A straight forward answer? Right. There is no dose of kelp powder that is equivalent to 60 mcg levo, because they are entirely different things. OK?

Take care all the best

I've never seen anyone anywhere suggesting an amount of iodine or kelp which is "equivalent" to a certain amount of Levo or T3 or NDT.

Even if it was possible to give such an equivalence there are so many brands of kelp and iodine products around it would be difficult to know what that looks like in a teaspoon because they are unlikely to be all the same.

Since you are determined to take the kelp then I can only suggest that you start with a small amount - say a level quarter or eighth of a teaspoon and see how you get on.

You might want to invest in something like this :

I bought some a few months ago because I thought they might be useful, but have never actually used them. And they took weeks to arrive from the US.

Thank u! That's kind of you! :) much appreciated:)

Now what about nutritient support for taking kelp? Isn't there a doctor called dr bealfield? that recommends taking some nutrients that support kelp absorption?

Are you thinking of Dr Peatfield? I've never seen him myself so I don't know what kind of things he discusses with people. I know he's keen on getting the adrenals supported correctly, but that is as much as I know. Sorry I can't be more help.

Dr Peatfield. If you look him up on the net. Ring his number organise an appointment. Take your temp first thing in the morning write it down. List all medication and say hi to him for me when you see him. You won't regret it. I've known him for nearly forty years and I honestly believe he saved my life. Good luck lexa

How much iodine do you think is in spirulina?

Most suppliers make absolutely no claim to any iodine content.

You have the Hebridean sea kelp. You can read or check how much iodine it claims to have. As we don't know that, we cannot possibly give you any answer - even if we tried to equate leovthyroine with iodine content.

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