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Advice on Adrenal Support

Hi, folks, I've been wondering what is other people's experience of finding the best adrenal support. I know that different things may work for different people. There may be something that I have not heard of that I could try, that could do better for me. The situation is I had recently realized that though it's a year since I have been treating myself with NDT and T3, I am far from well, even though I've addressed low iron, and I take very good vitamin and mineral supplements. I have some good days when I think that I am getting better, and then I crash down again for several days on end. I have many of the symptoms of adrenal deficiency listed in Stop the Thyroid Madness, and for several months now I have been treating myself with adrenal glandular, Vit C, Vit B's, and Ashwaganda. The reason why I ask is that I have been wondering whether I need prescription medication, such as cortisol, or hydrocortisone (I am not sure if that is the same thing). The thing is that I have a lot of stress in my life, as someone in my family has Asperger's Syndrome, so minimising stress is next to impossible for me. Perhaps the prescription medication would help with my adrenals, but is it safe for long term use, or would I not need it for too long? I would be grateful for any suggestions or comments, Thanks, Lindygiles.

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yes i would like to know too i hav adrenal probs denied by all medicals but proof is on the paper! i am sur ei am low i n aldosterone too but never been tested , my skin is dry and parched and i always feel dehydrated but not thirsty.x


Hi Pettals, sorry to have to ask this, do you have any issued with losing body hair? My endo wouldn't accept the link with low cortisol, all my underarm hair has gone and about 50% of pubic hair. I started losing it over 10 years ago. X


YES YES YES YES YES YES SO DID I .. about 10 years ago, infact i remeber saying to dr brian mcdonagh that i wanted my pubes back! he said yes of course you do---that was in 2002 ish i think. underarm hair whats that? these doctors know jack shit i am afraid, and they are not prepared to listen either. and i have a bit down below, bit none under arms and preety much none on my flipping head either..

there ar e 3 demons that are in everyones life and til they are got rid off no one will move forward..

mr ego

mr nasty

mr arrogant.

mr nasty lets off a stream of nastiness to anyone in sight, including a patient

mr ego cant accept anyone knows anything that they don t know thenselves, and are full of their own self importance

mr arrogant knows it all when he actuall y knows sod all. and doesnt want to learn anything. what chance eh?


Hi Pettals, I know you're really suffering with your adrenals. You are so right about the doctors! I paid for an Adrenal Stress Profile and my cortisol was really low. My gp was concerned and I saw an endo. I had the synacthen test but was told it was normal. I have absolutely spelled everything out in writing to him and he just ignores my symptoms. He doesn't accept brain fog low temps joint and muscle pain exhaustion is caused by the thyroid! I told him I've been fainting lost lost body hair have afternoon crashes where I can't keep my eyes open. All ignored my adrenal function is normal. I told him too have I feel terrible until the evening, and that follows the pattern of my adrenal stress profile. All totally ignored.

I too am now ready to do what I can to raise my cortisol.

Hugs. Xx


dear helly--- yes that is me, was me, is me, and isme is not the cataloge that posh carol vorderman advertises either.

most people with adrenal stress perk up in the evenig. fainting is a symptom and i know i totally crashed 2007 ended up in hosp, no one knew what was wrong and i was chucke d out 3 times before i was on the floor in there and they had to keep me inthen.

i was finally vomiting badly one night an d iknow that i sthe final result of addisons crisis.

. i had to ask for abloody drip as i felt so dehydrated... ithink the 3 day drip stabilised me. this is where aldosterone comes in i think as low aldy causes dehyration-- i think!--- your doc accepte d the saliva-- heck!--

my lowest daily amout was 12.5 in a range of 21-41. for some reason now my face i s parched and dry and i feel very dehydrated but no matter what i drink dont go away. i am sick of feeling so ill and crap and there is no let up. i have severe blood pooling and hypermobility and 'autonmic dysfunction-- written on a clinic letter after autonimc tests i had a rotten time on the tilt table. but when i went back i saw a different doc and she said i have no autonomic dysfuunction, no p.o.t.s. syndrome so i wonder why the clinic letter came back different to her opinion...

i am just waiting for the follow up letter to arrive and well--- i will not say here as i feel i am getting soooooooo bloody angry with al this, she didnt knwo why i have persistant throbbing in my brain stem-- '' becareful using that word-- why? well its in the top of your neck into your head-- yes iknow that is

exactly where i am throbbing!... my sympathetic nervous system doesnt switch off-- be careful using that explanation it i s easy to get these mixed up--- well it doesant switch off i am constantly throbbing tingling.... well we cant do any more tests we could go on forever and never find out-- o so i have to live like this then..... well yes! -- it could be all somatic you know!---- well i do not know how i kept my temper!

incidently look up .p.o.t.s. because adrenal and pots are often confused for each other but helly--- something is wrong with you and me or we wouldnt be having all this crap to deal with.


Hi Pettals I knew I owed you a reply, forgive delay.

You have such a low total cortisol. Mine was 15.3, so not wonderful either. I have such terrible nausea, no appetite, and hurt so much it's like the worse case of flu. My hips feel like I need replacements and it so hard to sleep. The tinnitus fills my head and sometimes I get that awful pulsating in my head. I do believe if I could sleep more it would help. My cortisol is the highest at night :-(

I get a very dry face for arms and lower legs and feet. I have known my eyelids to peel. I do drink water, but it never seems enough. I take sea salt in my gluten free porridge. I take vit C D B12 Folate and my folate and B12 has plummeted in a year.

I did look up P.O.T.S but I don't think that's me.

It the fainting that really worries me, all this is not normal.

I really hope pettals you make some headway soon.

Hugs, Helen. X


oh bless helcaster- ye si get a very dry face too dry skin and its like the water doesnt get into cells, i hav eno appetite and nausea and teh pressure in my head i slike it will explode. i think mine has picked up a bit afetr 3 years enforced rest, and b5, and lord knows what but i have asked dr mouton to gimme a prescription for compounded pregnenolone from his pharm in belguim, i will take that , it converts to all missing hormones.


Hi petals, do you have problems with your eyesight? I have prolonged spells of double vision. I have sheep over the lane and i see two sheep on top of one another. I think reading small print brings it on, but it often takes a couple of hours to clear. All the other time it's not clear, nighttime driving is scary and best avoided!

I just had a quick scan re pregnenolone, it seems like a good allrounder. Is it pricy? Interesting you're getting it from Belgium. This really does seem Like a great idea. I'd love that feeling of wellbeing and some energy. Be nice to have my pubes back too lol!! X


yes i would like the pubes back too and even underarm when i think i used to shave both cos i didnt like it-- -- so it got taken away-----be careful what you wish for, now o want it back- i have hair where i dont want it and none where i do-- yes when i was a kid i did have a lazy eye BUTBU BUT i noticed that when my hormones workeed it didnt bother me i controled it , but i have bouts whre i cant controit and now is one of those times ,its driving me daft, but i am ver very stressed at the monemet with family stuff and we know what stress does when we dont have alot of cortiol to compensate... when i get time hahahahaha- i am going to see if i can get someone to write a book of my life as i wantto broadcast the horrors that i have been thru WITHOUT any help and what happened to me. next... the preg ok-- isaw dr m.2011, in london---he is very very expensive and my credit card got athrashing, an di couldnt see him anymore after 2 or 3 visits, but he does a battery of tests in belguim and he has his own pharmacy- he is an integrated intestinal doc and knows his stuff, he gace me preg and i recently asked for a prescription, to buy it from him iis expensive as it is made in the pharm but you can search out good quality pregnenolone from various health companies. i have asked him to add some dhea to mine. have a serch thru google and check out the ingrediants andthe company- you need a reputablecompany, but when i took it my hair started to grow, and my cortisol levels went up considerably!


Why don't you take an Adrenal Stress Profile (Saliva) test with Genova Diagnostics? It costs £75 and should give you more useful data?


I would agree with kennyGee to get yourself tested and then if appropriate find an adrenal glandular like Nutri or other brand name. These are not prescription drugs.


I have just found out my cortisol levels are way low as well as B12 .My Holistic Gp commenced me on B5,Melantonin to reset sleep cycle ,b12 and suggested I see herbalist to assist in recovery.I just know it took 6 mths for someone to tell me my nightly tremor episodes weren't in my head.I believe 13 yrs of thyroxin have damaged my adrenals.My thyroid levels haven't wavered since I have stopped thyroxin 6mths ago due to hyper symptons.


I had a Genova Adrenal test done and it showed high in the morning (good), the 2 afternoon ones were within range but the night-time was high. The advice I got at the time was that my adrenals would probably settle down on their own. DHEA was also fine with a good ratio of DHEA/Cortisol.

However, 6 months on I cannot get my meds to work T4 only was disastrous, T4/T3 combo was no better and T3 only was another disaster.

I am now having to look again at my adrenals again as high cortisol can give as many or the same problems as too low. I am told that any kind of stress will raise cortisol and stop your meds working - so perhaps my adrenals didn't settle down after all.


This is my personal experience. Start by taking the Genova Uk saliva cortisol test ( as recommended above). This will give you clues about whether you have high cortisol, low cortisol or a mixture of highs and lows. The treatment depends on which of those you have and what suits one doesn't suit another.

I personally use hydrocortisone cream. I've been using the equivalent of 15 - 20mg a day for about 4 months now and it makes a big difference. I have Dr P's support and even my GP managed to say that nothing I am taking gives him "cause for concern".

There is an excellent adrenal support forum on Facebook facebook.com/groups/FTPOAdr... - whose members will offer you help and support and suggest more treatment options that you could ever use - including a regularly recommended "adrenal cocktail", which I haven't yet tried (orange juice, celtic sea salt and cream of tartar, I think).

How much adrenal glandular have you been taking and has it helped? I am currently taking 3 x Nutri Adrenal Extra and 2 x nutri adrenal, along with 3g Vit C, CoEnzymeQ, B12, D, nutri thryoid and 25mg thyroixine. Probably other things I've forgotten - oh yes, ginseng.

I should add - I now tell everyone to get their kidney function tested and make sure to get the results. I recently found out I have been in stage 3 kidney failure for several years. The doctors couldn't be bothered to tell me, but now I get all my results they couldn't hide. I've been taking alpha lipoic acid and it has improved my kidney function and made a big difference to my overall feeling of well being.


Hi Rosetrees, what percentage of hc is in your cream? Is it one especially for adrenal problems? Could you pm me if it is on where you buy it from?

Thanks. X


Hi Helcaster. It's 1% cream. Available over the counter, although I buy it in larger quantities. I've PMed you my source - it's also available on Amazon


Thanks so much rosetrees!.xxx


Coconut oil is high in ALA- maybe why it lifts metabolism?


rose trees i have stage 3 kidney too and i wasnt told, and i think it was becos they never bothered with all my other health probs..


Hi, thanks to everyone who has replied with useful suggestions. I did the Genova Adrenal Stress Profile Saliva Test about 6 months ago, and it showed a mixture of high and low cortisol throughout the day. I've been taking Nutri Adrenals since the beginning of the year, and I had been coping with stress a lot better. Then a few weeks ago I heard someone criticising glandular supplements as he said that whatever the animals have had in terms of feed and antibiotics you end up getting. That put me off, so I came off the Nutri Adrenals, and thought that I would be OK, as I had also started taking Ashwaganda, which is an excellent adaptogen herb reputed to balance things in the body. However, I went right back down, where I wasn't coping with even minor stress any more, so I have gone back on to Nutri Adrenals taking 2, 3 times a day at the moment, and I've noticed a big difference again in the last few days of restarting them. The severe IBS I had is gone, but I am still very tired despite taking 8 Nutri Thyroid and 25 mcg of T3 a day. Thanks, Lindygiles.


lindygiles - have you had your iron, ferritin, folate, B12 and Vit D levels measured. I'm just wondering whether, for example, you are anaemic or suffering from Vit B12 deficiency. It's a jigsaw working out which bits are missing and need to be treated.


This is a link which may be helpful:-



Hi rosetrees, Yes I was very low on iron ferritin and it took me a long time to find an iron supplement that I wasn't allergic to. The normal iron supplement gave me terrible constipation and made me sweat profusely. I've now found one called Spatone, which is brilliant. Unfortunately it's very expensive. 28 sachets of 5 mg each, for £10.75. If I take 40 mg a day of iron, (which is nothing in comparison with the 630 mg a day prescribed by the GP), I get through 1 box a week. My GP won't test me for anything else, so I already take B12 and Vit D as a precautionary measure, and it gets so expensive if you have to pay for all the tests yourself. Cheers, Lindygiles.


Hi,i had adrenal saliva test and found v high morn cortisol,normal daytime and then bit high before bed.I was considering taking adrenal glandulars but was recently put off when read in (brilliant)book 'Hashimotos...Root Cause' that it can cause HPA acis suppression and atrophy!Meaning it can turn off the production of bodys own adrenal hormones,and potentially thyroid hormones.(if taken at prolonged high dose).i started take ashwagandha recently.ano thing to consider taking instead of glandulars is pregnenolone.


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