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visiting and endocrinologist and what to ask

Hi everyone well i've got my appt date thro 9th march

how do i say in a few minutes appointment? diagnosed with hashimotos 6 months later cfs/m.e but i've always known it was my thyroid but no on listens, oddly enough my poor mum has graves and has been totally brilliant for a few years now but this last week she's like a mirror image of me so i see it in her that i have not got m.e it really really is my thyroid, i get very tongue tied and know bits about the t4 to t3 and the tsh but a little guidance would be really appreciated.

thankyou in advance

sharon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Write it all down before you go , and if you need to give it to the doctor to read .

Good luck Jan x


will you be able to take anyone with you? tell him/her that your aim is for you to increase your meds until your TSH under 1, your free T4 at the top of the range and your Free T3 towards the top of the range, if you still don't feel well then you would like to have a prescription for a little T3 to add to your levothyroxine.


Hi Sharon,

I took a list of all my blood tests since being diagnosed with hashimoto's.The guidance from Thyroid UK,about where my levels should be sitting and a list of all my current symptoms.I clearly explained what I wanted from him,ie. increase in dose of Levothyroxine and referral back to hospital thyroid clinic.

He promptly ignored everything I said.

Later at home,I phoned the clinic myself and through being very nice to everyone on the phone,managed to get my notes reviewed.

Last night,received a phone call from a different GP,advising me to increase my Levo dose,as he had just been contacted by the Hospital following my call.

I call that a result!

My advice is be prepared,be confident and be persistent.

Good luck,

Paula x


Hi paula

thats great advice was that in the uk? should i then ring docs and ask for a copy of all thyroid blood tests so i can take them with me? and ask the endo dept to refer me to the thyroid clinic. i only ever saw a thyroid doc once right at the begining of the illness at the thyroid dept.


sharon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


So glad I can be of help,as everyone has helped me.

I got my results from the nurse when I went for my blood test.She had them all on the computer in front of her.It helped because I can see a pattern plus I can relate my symptoms to these levels/dates.

I then went on to Thyroid UK,to view lots of responses,which helped to explain my levels.

I live in Aberdeenshire,voted "The best place in Scotland to live for quality of life".

Don't give up,remember that.To the doc,this is just his job but this is your life and you are the one living with these symptoms.

Take care,

Paula x


oh paula thankyou very much xxxxxxxxx i'll get them on monday and then i might post them on here so maybe be able to help with the patterns and then the fight begins xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

thankyou so much



Keep in touch!If things get difficult you may need someone to moan too,I did.It is a bit of a rollercoaster


Paula x


i sure will paula thankyou so much, 6 years they've had me down as having cfs/m.e its not fair !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will fight thankyou for your support xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I hope things improve for you, and you are right its not fair that we should have to keep on suffering . best wishes angie xxxxxxxxx


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