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can I ask what tsh 6.28 means and whether it could be linked to b12 injections please?


Can I ask your advice again please? Ive just had my 3rd once monthly b12 inj. And decided to check thyroid antibodiesjust to rule out thyroid issues. Also a bit concerned as my last 2 thyroid tests, August, March, changed tsh was 0.95, went up to 3.14, and f4 had dropped from 14 to 12. Have never had thyroid treatment, just a diagnosis of m.e. For 17 years...

My ferritin was low 20s, so looks like this has increased with a few months of iron supplementation again. My folate was 6, so I started folic acid, but literally only took them for a few weeks, now it seems to be overrange. Discovered low vit d too last year, but haven't checked that recently.

My BH test results are as follows

Crp, fine at 0.2

Ferritin 84

TSH 6.28 (0.27-4.20)

T4 total 119.6 (64.5-142)

Free t4 16.15 (12-22)

Free t3 5.29 (3.1-6.8)

Antithyroid peroxidase 9.0 <34

Anti thyroglobulin abs 16.1 <115

B12 1476

Folate 45.4 (10.4-42.4)

I'm starting to see improvements in some symptoms now relating to b12, but am concerned about the higher tsh. And whether it could be contributing to symptoms, such as brain fog, memory probs, exhaustion, sleep probs, memory, inability to gain weight, balance, etc.

Has anyone seen a change in this when starting b12 supplementation please or do you think this is a separate issue. Is there anything I can do to try to lower this?

Once again any thoughts greatly appreciated....thanks :)

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You need:

1. To get your vitamin D tested again and supplement if it is still low. You need to get it to 100nmol/L.

2. Go to your GP with a copy of your BH results and hopefully your GP will treat you. You will probably be made to do another blood test. Make sure the blood test is first thing in the morning and you have fasted for 12 hours before. You can have water. This is to ensure your TSH is as high as possible as it falls after eating and after about 10am.

Yes your symptoms will be linked to high TSH and also possibly low vitamin D.


Sorry I should have said high TSH means you likely have hypothyroidism.

More information can be found here:

I suggest you read and click around the site.

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bluebug, a high TSH is hypOthyroidism NOT hyper


Thanks - corrected it now.

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Thanks bluebug, so it can possibly be hypothyroidism even if the other results are okay? I am underweight and have feelings of going fast, over anxious, etc alongside all the b12 symptoms, so thought I may be towards over, rather than under?

Are there any other conditions that could cause higher tsh?

Thanks for your help, not sure I'll get far with my dr, have had to pay to get to the bottom of the b12 probs, but will try. Am off to gasterenterology this week, so can try mentioning it there too I guess!


While doctors don't believe in B12 problems more of them believe in thyroid problems so try them first.

You will still have to do your own tests if the doctor gives you medication but it will save you money.


Thank you. He didn't mention how I'd gone from bottom of range to nearly the top last time with tsh, said my thyroid was fine, (even though I've had quite a bit of pain at the front of my neck)..just saw it on the printout, but will certainly be giving it a try!


Pernicous aneamia /b12 deficiency is autoimmune just like hashimotos hypothyroid

Its possible you have both which is indicated by a rising TSH

The actual b12 injections will not have caused the hypothyroidism


Thank you...wouldn't my antibodies be higher for hashimotos?

Should you have no antibodies to be clear from it, or does everybody tend to have low amounts and that's normal?

Many thanks...


Your B12 should be around 1000 so you can have less.


she doesn't need less b12, how can you make that suggestin on one post? she has monthly injections and this is why her b12 is where it is,

thank god her doctor doesn't think the same way or she would soon be ill again


Thanks whispers, know what you mean but not sure what my dr really thinks, :) took quite some persuading and a private active b12 / MMA test, not sure how long I'll be allowed them...but fingers crossed! Take care...


I think it is the pa forum that has guidance as to the 1000 and was only suggesting that there could be ,not should ,be a reduction.There was another post yesterday with a link suggesting too much B12 had some unwanted side effects.


Strange- I only feel right when over 1500.


Probably not so strange, seems some people need such high levels to get small amounts in their system...glad you're feeling better with them...:)


Thanks Treepie yes I've been advised my b12 will be high now, whilst on injections. Have been diagnosed with a functional deficiency at blood and tissue level, so hoping these injections are going to work!


I hope it works for you.From your antibody results you have not got Hashimotos , which is the most common form of hypothyroidism, but that does not mean you are not hypothyroid.


Thanks, will mention this to the gasterenterologist this week, then try to get appointment with my dr. I just wondered if it was just a reaction to taking the b12 and my system getting used to it, but maybe it's a separate issue?


As really fed up says , the B12 will not have caused the TSH rise.


Shows we are all different and I should avoid commenting on B12 results unless below 500!


Antibodies fluctuate and there is no "normal " we have to deal with the reality and the symptoms


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