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don't know what to do next..All Natural Thiroyd from Thailand??

Hi I am new..

I have been ill a very long time. hypothyroid diagnosed in 1995.

then virus 98 caused me to be disabled with M.E since.

tried everything to get well. did see dr peatfield in 1999 and he put me on armour and also diagnosed adrenal exhaustion. did all the salivia testing back then.

the Armour didn't do allot for me so went back onto T4. levo.

I take adrenal re builder and it does help as does the b5.

Now I am gaining weight and so puffy. my thyroid is so tight and uncomfortable. my palms keep going so very red. my histamine levels seem to be higher and the ringing in ears is exhausting.

such confusion with M.E/Adrenals/thyroid and candida.

my GP run the blood work 3 months ago after red palms and all liver/kidney/thyroid NORMAL!

I've recently bought the All Natural Thiroyd By Greater Pharma on <site deleted by Admin> as it has such great reviews...I am scared to try so anyone who is on it please post. my care worker is from Thailand and is contacting her pharmacy friend about this product.

sorry I am too disabled with the M.E to read through others that may have written about the same..

I am just to exhausted and have no support :(

I have been ill so long and am house bound and I just want to get better...

am also thinking of trying the blood tests on here...I just feel I have gone full circle but perhaps times have changed and new blood work privately might help??

thank you

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I am sorry you have been ill such a long time and left to struggle on your own. To have additional problems to your thyroid gland.

These are some good reviews for the product above which would appear to be an NDT.

Do you have a copy of your latest thyroid blood test results with the ranges? You can put them on a new post if you don't have them today.

If you need a new blood test have the earliest appointment, fast (you can drink water) and leave about 24 hours between your last dose of levo and the test. Also ask for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

What dose of levothyroxine do you take? I am sure your new thyroid hormones will be helpful for you to feel a lot better.


hi i take 100mcg

i need to get my gp to send the thyroid blood results

thank you


Blood tests "normal". If there's one phrase that immediately catches my attention here, that's the one. Normal for who? Not you, that's for sure.

Before you embark on private blood tests, ask your doctor for a print off of your latest thyroid blood tests, b12, Vit d and ferritin. They're your tests and you're entitled to have copies of the results for the cost of printing. Then take the best photo of them you can and attach them to a new post here. If they're really normal, I'll buy a hat just so I can eat it. :)


Welcome to the forum, Butterflyfairy.

When you get your results post them in a new question and members will advise whether you are optimally medicated on 100mcg Levothyroxine.

A few members prefer Thiroyd to the other Thai NDT Thyroid-S.

I grain Thiroyd is bioactively equivalent to 75mcg Levothyroxine. One grain (tablet) is usually split into 2 doses 8-12 hours apart. I suggest you try the following dosing regime and if, at any point, you feel overmedicated, skip the next dose and go back to the previous dose:

Week 1: Reduce Levothyroxine to 50mcg & introduce 1/2 grain Thiroyd.

Week 3: Stop Levothyroxine & increase Thiroyd to 1 grain.

Week 5: Increase Thiroyd to 1.5 grains

Week 7: If necessary, increase Thiroyd to 2 grains. Hold at 2 grains for 6 weeks and have a thyroid blood test, including FT3, before increasing further.

You can order private thyroid tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via

THIROYD (yes, that’s how they spell it) by Greater Pharma Ltd., a leading Thai Pharmaceutical Manufacturer. An email to a patient by Greater Pharma states that “thiroyd” at one grain contains T3 at 8.31 microgram; T4 at 35 microgram, which is 0.013% and 0.058% respectively. Thyroid patient Samantha states: The Thiroyd tablets are white and have a sweet taste almost like papaya or a similar fruit. They dissolve very well sublingually and seem to have a very good potency. Entire paper insert with info is written in English: Greater Pharma Manufacturing Co. Ltd , 55/2 Phutthamonthon, Nakhon, Pathom. LikeThyroid-S, this is ordered over the net.

Another thyroid patient, Daniella, was told by the makers of Thiroyd that is free of aluminum, which is good news if you are avoiding excesses of aluminum for any reason.

As of 5-2013, here are potential fillers as sent to me by a patient in Guam: Lactose, Tapioca Starch, Sodium Starch Glycolate, PVP K-30, PVP K-90, Isopropyl Alcohol, Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.


The other Thai product Thyroid-s does contain aluminium bound to other components.

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thank you so much! I have that book on stopthyroid...I was searching for M.E book by sarah myhill which is also good although only few pages in due to fatigue! she talks about thyroid in there...then found stopthyroid...then found the tai thyroid!


hi I have just got my pill cutter and cut the tai NDT in half and taken!

please can you tell me do I take the half of levo at the same time?

I have request my blood results taken in april and carer collecting tomorrow so will post up under different heading.

many thanks for your support.



Butterflyfairy, yes you take them together.


thank you


Hello Clutter. Sorry if I have asked this question before, but I was taking thyroxine 175 mcg, and now have bought Thiroyd from Greater Pharma. Each tablet contains 60 mg. Can you tell me how that equates to 175 mcg levothyroxine please?




Wotan, 175mcg Levothyroxine is equivalent to 2.25 grains Thiroyd (135mg). Reduce Levothyroxine by 50mcg and add half a grain (30mg) Thiroyd and do this every two weeks until you are off Levothyroxine. Hold at 3 grains for 6 weeks and have an FT3 blood test before increasing further.


Thank you Clutter.


could you tell me please is there any way to split this tiny tablet for 2 or even 4 part. I tried lot of times and never able to get it equal



A pillcutter available from high street pharmacies will make it easy to halve the tablets but it will probably still be difficult to get even quarters.

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Hi, I have now been on Thiroyd since February, 2015 after being on Thyroxine for 15 yrs. I was advised just to stop my Thyroxine one day and start on the Thiroyd the next. I started on 1 grain split dosed, and increased 1/2 grain every 10 to 14 days depending on symptoms. I was also advised by my Integrative GP NOT to take NDT with the Thyroxine as it can lead to a Reverse t3 problem.

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How are you doing on Thiroyd ? Are your symptoms mostly resolved ? Did you try other NDT ? Since the back order with Naturthroid I'm looking into different NDT or synthetic T3 .


Hi. I'm doing quite well on the Thiroyd. It has the least fillers. I'm now on four grains split dosed am and pm. I was taking t3 with one grain of NDT for quite a while as my Thiroyd was pooling in my blood rather than getting into the cells. I stopped taking the t3 about three mths ago and started to build up my NDT half a grain at a time every 10 to 14 days. My only problem is my Hashimotos antibodies continue to be very high. Going to ask my integrative dr if he will prescribe LDN(Low Dose Naltrexone) to help with that. Cheers Cheryl

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Thank you so much . Your information is so helpful for me . I'm trying to gather as much info as possible . It seems to me that thyroid patients do very well with NDT from Thailand .


thank you so very much for all your help.

I am going to ask my GP if she will support me on the NDT

I have been tested for hashimotos-negative! and as I said the influenza B caused PVFS that is then classed as M.E after 6 months of bed bound.

M.E and thyroid sx's are different.

what triggers what? who knows..

I got scarlet tina at 11 and my immune system was never the same...damage on cellular then other conditions...adrenals...thryroid..candida...

I have treated all of these every which way for last 17 years...

Dr Peatfeild couldn't cure me...he said I was a very complex case!

I am just in a dark tunnel with a candle and will pray the tai NDT helps

then I'll have to look at the adrenals again

then the mitochondria

must rest now-cannot see screen for stars!


Hi Butterflyfairy,just been reading your struggle and would like to tell you that i started thiroyd last week,i was bit nervous of changing from what my endo prescribed but so glad i did ,i feel so much better already ,not everything is perfect but 98% better than i was ,

hugs sue xx

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Hi Sue so glad for you-thank you for replying!

i think I am going just go for 1 today!

I cannot cut in half they are so tiny and my levo is 100mcg and I cannot cut it half.

I think I will do 1grain today then levo tomorrow and do that for a week.

the M.E causes me disability :(

as I said I have gone full circle...

16 yrs ago tried the armour and treated adrenals in hope that would be the answer!

who knows the tai thyroid may help me and I will let you all know!

thank you



Butterflyfairy, Get a pillcutter to cut the tablets. 1 grain alternate days won't work too well as you won't get a regular delivery of T3 that way.


you can buy a pill cutter from the chemist ,they don't cost alot ,i was on Erfa but these thiroyd are better ,hope they work for you too hun,its so miserable when you can't get well ,feel for you xx

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ok! I will thank you


Butterflyfairy good advice from clutter ,really hope it does for you what its done to help me xx


How is ME diagnosed? Hashimotos and low thyroid, can cause all the same symptoms. What are your symptoms like?


diagnosed after elimination of everything else-if good GP

I agree many loosely diagnose...especially nowadays!

tested for all thyroid profile in 1999 by private and NHS.

I am too ill to list all sx's and many sx's are the same in most illnesses. you can look on AFME site :)

all I can say is M.E was diagnosed after PVFS after the flu.

I've had many immunity knocks so I believe it is celluar for me. I am disabled/bedbound. many neuro sx's that are very weird again on AFME.

just wish that M.E wasn't a blanket diagnosis-like the thryoid and adrenal fatigue not everything is yet able to show in blood.


What i am trying to say, is that their are at least 300 symptoms to hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue being just one.

From this website on ME,

"Conditions which have symptoms in common with ME/CFS

There are a variety of hormonal (e.g. hypothyroidism), rheumatological (e.g. lupus/SLE), neurological (e.g. multiple sclerosis), infective (e.g. Lyme disease and hepatitis B/C virus) and gastrointestinal (e.g. coeliac disease) conditions which can all produce very similar symptoms to those found in ME/CFS. This is why it is so important for doctors to take a detailed clinical history from anyone suspected of having ME/CFS (especially when there are atypical features present) and arrange appropriate investigations if the diagnosis is in doubt."

Hypothyroidism is here. My point that is since 1999, your Hashi's tests may be positive now. Also, many with severe symptoms, have thyroid hormone resistance and need a t3 only med, like cytomel, to get them back on their feet. This can show in tests as a high reverse t3, it can show by a higher ft4 and low ft3. Have you had any of these tests done lately?

Your thyroid labs, can look normal, but you are hypo at the cellular level, because of inflammation and other issues, keeping thyroid hormone from getting to your cells. This may show as high reverse t3, but may not always.

Any autoimmune disease, can often be put into remission, by a change of diet. There is the GAPS Diet and The Autoimmune Paleo 30 day reste to start. I would really recommend you doing one..i am. Mainstream medicine, does not know any of what i have said. If you have been doing what the doctor tells you, then you are going nowhere with this.

With autoimmune thyroid, or whatever you have going on, thyroid meds are not the answer.

Terry Wahls? I believe the last name is, was bed ridden and in a motorized chair, from MS, changed her diet and now is normal. Look it up.


hi I honestly see your perspective-hence why I am back here :)

all I am saying is if they find that M.E is a retro virus or something else as they are still researching it. xmrv virus. it would be a relief to those with M.E if they did find something. it may be 2015 but we are forever exploring. if they don't find something on the cellular I hope everyone continues to strive forward and not just sit it out-as one endo told me when I argued it could be T3!

I'm not expert of any illness just my own journey.

please understand my intention is only to get well

I have not just sat with the diagnosis I have done all I can and continue to do so

On afme I encouraged members to look at thryoid/adrenals/leaky gut and so forth as M.E is a blanket diagnosis. they all kinda hated me for it!! lol

however the label that we carry for NOW is all we have. I cannot all of a sudden change my PIP to "not sure what is wrong with me" society needs labels and pigeon holes.

as someone else said "we dont want to rot with teh CFS label"

of course I dont want to rot and I am doing all I can.

holistically and spiritually!

I ask for angels to heal me every day!

I work on visualization of the entire body.

I say positive affirmations every day "I am healthy"

I see myself well. wahooo

all I am saying is the weight of the label that we have at the moment is all I can have but it is not definitive of me or the illness. and if all those under that label are not healed with the thyroid/adrenals then look at mitochondria.

cells need to be healed and I now mine do-as things can be genetic too!

i ahve had thryoid blood work every year since 1995. latest being april.

I have changed diet, tried NDT in past and now back on it on adrenal re-builder, taken every supplement going.

I will get well and when I do I can say how I did it!

I have ordered my new adrenal test from thyroid uk and will get a consultation with that doctor. believe me I want to be well but M.E is the label-not me-just the label.

people can cure themselves of many dis-eases with the right attitude and visualizations/diet and so forth. I've watched the SECRET over and over!

my biggest block was the emotions. another book molecules of emotions :)

I am grateful to everyone for the thryoid help and if by miracle it cures me wow I will run up the lane dancing

thank you for all your time-will post my april test soon

butterfly blessings!

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i was chewed out by the Fibromyalgia forum, for even bringing up Dr. Lowe's work and how he "cured" fibromyalgia with t3. ..which he did. FM is caused by low metabolic rate and thyroid hormone resistance. You'd think they would be so elated, knowing there was help available, but they were not.

I hope you know that you can order your own tests and your t3, without a doctor. In my mind, very worth trying.

No amount of positive thinking, praying whatever, is going to replace lost hormones. Looking at the adrenal issues, without the ft3 and reverse t3, in my opinion, is a mistake. Adrenal Glands need a functioning Pituitary and thyroid hormones, t3, in order to work.

If it's autoimmune, there is no cure, but their is remission.

Have you done the Autoimmune Paleo diet..eliminating all legumes, nightshades, all dairy, all gluten all sugar..for 30-60 days...or the GAPS Diet? I strongly suggest checking them out. I have been homebound since 2008, with terrible symptoms and have just had urine, stool and saliva testing and am consulting a functional medicine doctor. I get results next week. I have recently failed my Autoimmune Paleo 30 day Reset diet. Will wait for further instruction from the doctor.

Have you had food sensitivity testing done?



i posted my results on another heading and everyone said they are good-although thyroid still uncomfortable but hoping this will change with the NDT.

patients with M.E have the autoimmunity thing going on with inflammation.

I have eliminated dairy/wheat/sugar in the past very strictly didnt do anything..

however I know I am better off without dairy and wheat as I have intolarnace-yes had all food testing.

done stool samples..

postive thinking is the only thing I have and my two cats as have no family support...just care workers..

good luck with your recovery :)


Are your eyes puffy are you unable to lose any weight? Do you ever feel dizzy and has your vision gotten worse? This inflammation makes me hold fluid.

I am so sorry that you are so ill! Where is your family? I only have my 2 kids and my boyfriend..thank goodness for him, i would really be lost. The rest of the family left me.

I have cats too, lost 2 in the last year and my daughter moved out, my health went down hill again.

I will try to find your test results, but as you may know, they don't mean much, really. You would raise the t3, by elimination of symptoms, same with ndt.


Are your hands hot and red, both? I was getting this with hands and feet, once my back and face were involved.


you could've had hives?

mine just palms of hands...someone said moxoedema


we all have to try what works for us. Armour didnt work for me.

I am trying the thiroyd and will let you know :)


You poor thing . I am so sorry to hear you feel this way. I have the tablets you speak of from thailand, I have taken them but not for a long time. It must be worth a try. I am also sceptical, but all of the reviews I read on Amazon that they are good or very good, some said it had saved their lives because they were so depressed or ill and they felt so much better since switching. And they are not expensive either. In a way it is pointless to get them and then not to take them, maybe. You say you have no support. Does this mean you live alone? How do you cope with practical things like shopping? I live on my own and struggle but I am lucky enough to have one very decent caring person, my partner,who I see a lot. But I do wonder if his patience will ever run out and that is another worry. You can always lean on me for support if you like, I am happy to be there for you. You can write to me in private if you wish.

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thank you sorry for delay had allot of challenges last 6 months cannot be its been 6 months! yes on my own with my two cats and the angels!!

its tough so tough but I do my best. shopping via home helper and online.

mainly house bound but try go in garden.

the fatigue is chronic..I'm going to post here again

i sent you a message :)


Could be B12 deficiency involved as well. Needed for all functions.


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