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test results, part 2: any help greatly appreciated

Hi again everyone,

I have some further test results which I hope you would be able to advise me on. Apparently the ones that were lacking from last time (thyroid antibodies, free t3, b12 and iron) were just delayed.

I did not manage to obtain a copy of my results for those, but when I spoke with the doctor he said the thyroid antibodies were normal so in their opinion it is unlikely that I have Hashi's. HOWEVER, I am unsure if they did both antibodies tests though, or what my doctor's understanding of 'normal' is. They said that my b12 was super elevated, and I am still anemic. The anemia thing worries me because I've been taking 150% RDA serum ferritin daily for weeks. My free t3 was still unavailable, but I'm seeing him tomorrow and it should be ready by then.

My tests from a private lab came back a few days ago, with their own doctor's notes:

REVERSE T3: 21.5 (11-32)


TESTOSTERONE: 0.5 (0-1.8)



According to their doctor these are normal. Again, whether that means perfectly fine or not is unclear. The worrying ones are below:

ALDOSTERONE: 105 (111-860)

RENIN: 6:30 (1.68-27.7)

The doctor's notes say low aldosterone and renin could be indicative of hypopituitary with secondary Addisson's. They suggest I go for a synacthen test, an ACTH test, and various others.

Might anyone else be able to offer any further suggestions or advice? If so, thanks in advance!

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Low aldosterone is often a result of adrenal insufficiency and could explain why you are not feeling well. Some of the other tests you are being sent for will test your adrenal glands' ability to respond when required. This isn't 100% accurate and is more accurate with primary causes of low adrenal hormones but it could give an idea as to what is going on.

What will be interesting is to find out the ratio of reverse T3 to T3. It is this ratio that is important rather than the absolute values themselves.

Sorry I can't be of any more help.

Carolyn x


Thanks Carolyn.

I've not been sent for the tests yet; gotta convince my GP of that. Wish me luck lol.


Thanks Carolyn.

I've not been sent for the tests yet; gotta convince my GP of that. Wish me luck lol.


Just a pointer. If you want to reply to someone directly, you have to click on 'reply to this', otherwise they will not get an email telling them that you have responded.




silly me lol. Thanks Louise :)


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