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Blood Results - A Few Concerns!

Blood results from GP back yesterday and I would appreciate any advice.

TSH 0.89 mU/L

Free T4 17.8 (ref. range 12 - 22)

Free T3 4.6 (ref range 3.1 - 6.8

Iron 18.2 (range - 10 - 30)

Ferriton 18 (13 - 150)

Saturation 25.4% (range 30 - 40%)

B12 536 ng/L (range 191 - 663)

Folic acid 15.2 ug.L (4.6 - 18.7)

Vitamin D 48 nmol/L. (range "above 75 nmol.L sufficient")

Creatine Kinase (CK) 254 u/l (range 25 - 200)

I have been hyop for past 16 years and up to about 18 months ago have been quite well. I associate this with onset of the menopause. I'm on thyroxine 125. I am totally fatigued and any small exercise totally wipes me out. It takes me a long time to recover. My biggest problem is the feeling I get when I lie down at night. I feel as if I am going to die and frequently have to 'remind myself' to take a breath in.- this is worse if I am very tired. This is a very frightening experience and I usually spend most of the night sitting up. It's like I am running on an empty battery and is a horrible feeling.

I also have a small thyroid nodule diagnosed on scan over a year ago. I have never seen an endo although I have requested a referral twice. My GP referred me when the nodule showed up on the scan, but the endo came back to say no need to see me and just increased my thyroxine at that time without seeing me!! I'm waiting on a referral to respiratory consultant and have had cardiac thread mill test done and it was OK. Sorry for long post, but would like your views. Thanks so much.

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It could be due to your ferritin being so low. Someone will comment on the others'

These are two links about the importance of both feritin and iron.

I am sorry you are feeling so bad and hope your doctor can help you.



I've just started to research everything and anything like mad with my Hypo as I'm not getting anywhere with my GP; this is what I've picked up along the way. I'm sure someone with much more experience/knowledge may correct or explain better.

Your ferriton does seems low, so you will feel lethargic, tired etc... I would suggest Iron (I had to push my GP on this one).

As I understand from my nodule scan - unless it is cancerous or clearly affects your health with another condition , it will be left in place. If you are really worried about it though some GP's will refer for removal.

Vit D ranges. Found this for you to compare your result of 48. The wording is confusing as it suggests above 75 is 'sufficient.' Might be worth getting back to your GP on this one too.

<30 nmol/l deficient

30-80 nmol/l insufficient

81-220 nmol/l replete / normal

221-500 nmol/l high

>500 nmol/l toxicity

Creatine Kinase (CK) is Cardiac/muscle/rheumatoid related tests. (a close friend has rheumatoid) (25 - 200) This range seems to cover both male & female - the female range is normally lower " Normally the laboratory provides total CK levels. Normal ranges are 24-170 Units/litre in women, 24-195 in men. A heparinised plasma is required. " yours is higher at 254.

I would again refer back to your GP for this one too.

Being very inquisitive and little faith in my Surgery - I would enquire about the above - but again, all this is new to me.



Thank you!


Hi Yes, Shaws is quite right, it could well be the Ferritin,it will take a while to improve if it is that.The best test for heart is a home monitor for 24 hours or better still 7 days. A GP can arrange that. Vit D needs treatment , it is a hormone ,and can make you feel "off". First you need a calcium test as calcium must always be in range.If OK then D from GP with repeat tests. Calcium alters quickly but D takes about 3 months and needs to be increased slowly depending on the results of both these tests. Out of range Calcium is very dangerous.I and some others need my FT3 to be near the top of range, compare it to when you felt OK.



Thanks so much to all. I really appreciate your advice.


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