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So just back from first Endo trip and as expected he said there was nothing wrong with me. Results are; TSH 3.62 (range 0.25 - 4), Free T4 15 (range 12 - 22) Anti Thyroglobulin 628 (range 0 - 150) and Anti TPO Antibodies 231 (range 0-150). I also had a scan which concluded acute diffused thyroiditis. So my question is would it be worth the expense of seeing a private doctor or is the Endo correct when he said there was nothing wrong and that my symptoms (exhaustion, weight gain, joint pain, etc) were "non specific" and diet and exercise would help?

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  • With both Tg and TPO ABs way above range and FT4 in the bottom quadrant I'd hazard a guess that you are dealing with Hashimoto's which hardly qualifies as 'nothing wrong'. Diet is going to be the biggest bang for your buck although some supplementation (thyroid meds) is usually indicated. The common problem with the autoimmune Hashimoto's is that TSH lags symptoms quite often. I would say that the expense of a private doctor will probably be necessary to protect your health. You need to find the triggers that are causing the autoimmune response in your body. A useful link with lots of info.

    I'm sure others will add their comments. PR

  • Non specific? Those are classic thyroid symptoms. What symptoms does he need? Your TSH is too high, your FT4 is too low and your have antibodies.

    So, to answer your question, yes you should definitely see a private doctor. I'll PM you some names.

  • Hello Rosetrees, pls can u pm me the names of some private doctors that treats hashimoto said and hypothyroid. Tanks

  • Yet another Doc that does not understand the implications of Auto-immune Thyroid disease :-( I was diagnosed at 59 in 2005 with Hashimotos - here in Crete. My TSH - FT4 - FT3 - were all in range - whatever that means ? - but I had high anti-bodies. A scan revealed nodes and so treatment started - as support to a thyroid under attack - was how my GP explained things at the time.

    I agree with PR4NOW about addressing the auto-immune aspect - usually by healing the gut. It's a long journey - but one worth travelling....

    I had TB in the gut in my 20's and now Crohns - so do know how a bit about auto-immune issues and i''s tentacles :-)...also how the gut impacts on health - whatever the condition....

    Reading this forum you will know that we have to take good care of ourselves and learn from others here - it has helped me greatly....

  • Collettet, docs do not know what to do about Hashi's. If they diagnose Hashi's they should treat you, but they don't understand what Hashi's is. I self diagnosed after raised TPO test a few months ago and have been on Gluten free diet since, also lacto free. (GP and Endo had no answers, just slightly raised my levo!!) GF does help, but it will take time . You also need to have all other tests done for B12, ferritin, folate, Vit D etc. As your gut wall is likely to be damaged it will not absorb nutrients from your food. I have read Robb Wolf, the paleo solution and also Isabella Wentz on Hashimoto's. I make most of my food from scratch, so I know exactly what is in it and the arla lactofree range is good. (My hubby has been making really nice GF bread in the bread machine. I think he would win a prize for it!) With Hashi's I feel you really have to DIY if you want to get your life back. Good luck

  • Thanks for your comments, I've been gluten free since June and it has definitely helped with my digestion. I asked for vitamin tests but was told there was no need.

  • My endo was reluctant to agree to testing for vitamins or iron deficiencies, but finally agreed (probably to get me to leave the appointment). I was found to be severely deficient or low-in-range for everything, but still had to beg for the deficiencies to be treated.

    I wish the endo would realise that all this stuff is connected and, whilst I know I can self-supplement, I want her to learn that this is an important issue she needs to learn about and address, as she will undoubtedly have other patients with the same problem.

    How can your list of symptoms be "non-specific" - it this doctor-speak for "we don't actually care"?

  • I think you're right, they just don't care, I'm just another middle aged women complaining about being tired to them.

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